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feedback pls

hi guys,


normally i don't edit my uploads, but i thought it was time to give my vids an extra look. so i was testing some settings in vegas and used it on my latest upload.


pls give me some feedback about that, positive or negative. i think it shouldn't be overedited with extrem colors, but a little bit looks nice..


http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aTbw12F8-hA&feature=plcp&context=C3e0b782UDOEgsTo PDskIHuCw6FIrOXIty6vtjSmil




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    That's a really nice clip, I use sony vegas too, but it never seems to work, if you could tell me how you keep video's form looking... like all framy, that's be great because my video looks all framed from youtube, take a look:



    Anyway, just saying.. Been bugging me for a while, otherwise really ncie gameplay, it is weird sicne it's not in english, sine most of us don't know... That language.

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      first of thx


      to ur vid: oh man, i don't wanna hurt u but u are doing a lot wrong with ur settings. best would be, u search youtube for the best render settings for hd vids. there's just to much to explain and it's better u see it with ur own eyes. and it's not only vegas settings, u have to capture ur vid with the correct settings too..


      for me it took some time to find good settings... try and error principle

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    more feedback plsss

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    I like the look, the color, and especially the game play man. Doesn't look over the top to me. I run my monitor on the warm side anyway:)