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  • 60. Re: Why punish good players?

    Seeing as almost all my kills are from domination, it would be very hard to achieve that in any other gamemode.

  • 61. Re: Why punish good players?

    Solution is equip an Stinger and shoot it down.




  • 62. Re: Why punish good players?

         Besides the lag compensation and the spawns, the death streaks are the most annoying unenjoyable part of the game.  I can see giving a guy juiced, if he dies like 4 or 5 times in arow.  Hell, with the broken spawn system in this game he may need the 7 second to get out of harms way.  I even can see the revenge one,  If you want to show the location for a couple of seconds, as long as you don't spawn the guy right behind me.  Oh wait you already do that.  Dead mans hand, martyrdom, final stand, and hollow points are all cheap ways of getting kills, and should not be in the game.  Cheap Bull ****


    The fact that the helicopters go directly after the top player on the board is bullshit.  The chopper should have a radar circle around it and go after whoever is in the circle.  If I am the highest ranked player and I am all the way across the board from the helicopter and I step out of a building facing the opposite direction, it should not come for me but it does.

    Cheap Bull ****


        One of the things that I liked about the previously call of duties was that if for some reason you killed me and it pissed me off.  When I respawned, normally across the board, I took great pleasure in making my way back to you and exacting my revenge.  With the current spawn system you have taken away that joy of hunting someone down, it is now just cheap easy revenge, when you get spawned 10 ft behind the guy that just killed you.

    Cheap Bull ****


    I know that there are a ton of forums about Lag Comp , but that is the Cheapest Bullshittiest thing of all.  Penalized for have a good connection or given the kiss of death as host.


    F^^K, I am startingto hate this game

  • 63. Re: Why punish good players?

    Unique new york.

  • 64. Re: Why punish good players?

    Yeah the spawn system is so anoying!

  • 65. Re: Why punish good players?

    But what i dont get is when a dude just kills me i respawn and kill him he gets an deathstreak... doesnt a kill reset the deathstreak count?

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    Deathstreaks are just saying, "Dude, you suck so much at this game right now you need some serious help just for even a single kill." Still total bull5hit. I think my least favorite is Final Stand, because those dudes are fvcking invincible...

    Lag Comp Fix - I'm moving to Mexico, 'cause those are the only people who wreck my ****. My upload speed isn't even the best (+/-850kbps) and I still get one-shotted around corners.

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    Final stand is complete BS, it's like a foruth perk for some noobs.

  • 68. Re: Why punish good players?

    lol... people who think that air support targets the best player has no idea what they are talking about.


    proof? I get targeted a lot and I suck.

  • 69. Re: Why punish good players?

    It targets the best player avaliable.


    For instance, if player A has blind eye, it will move to player B, if player B is in a building, it'll go to player C and so on and so fourth...

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