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Looking for Decent MW3 Xbox Team/Clan (USA) 1.89 K/D

Hi, my name is Steven, im looking for a decent North American Xbox Team/Clan, preferably with a k/d ratio minimum requirement and a website. Untill recently, I haven't played MW3 since pretty much since the night of release, thats why im only level 53. I quit my last clan a few months ago because:


I don't like the spawns

I don't like lag compensation

I don't like the way kids played the game

My internet turned off every 10 minutes (fixed now)

My job required me to work late at night and I couldn't play with my clan as much as I wanted to, because of this, I felt issolated to the rest of the team and I didn't get along with some of the people they were recruiting, so I quit MW3 and the Clan.


Because of those 5 things, I completely quit MW3 for a while. Since I didn't think I would ever play MW3 again, I told my last clan I would never join another clan to show respect. Because I started playing again and im doing very well in game, I think its about time for me to look for another clan/team/group. However, im tired of losing every game because Im playing with a bunch of random noobs. Im looking for a small, active, legit team/clan/group of firends to play games with, mostly to have FUN and WIN.


My Stats:


Currently level 53

1.890 K/D

14.84% Accuracy

Highest kill strreak 20 (Domination game ended before I could get the MOAB, this was yesterday lol)

Black Ops 15th Prestige

I always run specialist unless im Ordered to use something else

I am 18 years old

I have Turtle Beaches DX11's

I can buy Call Of Duty Elite if im required too

I am going to be extremely active in MW3 around 4pm-4am Eastern once I get a team

I can change my name


Thank you for taking the time to read my post, If anyone thinks I quallify to join their clan/team/group, post here or message me ingame