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Final Stand sucks

I absoulutly hate people who use final stand. it is so STUPID!!! they need to take it off. Its not even realstic! what is yall's thoughts?

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    This game is not realistic, you do not respawn if killed in reality. So the whole its not realistic card is just a failure on your part.


    Stop being a mindless rusher getting to close to them and then as soon as the animation begins to change start to move away thinking they are dead.


    And pay attention each match to who goes in to FS and watch the leader boards to see how many times they have died. So if you get near them you have an idea that they could drop in to FS the next time they die. So if they do you can react to it properly isntead of just getting butthurt that they ended your precious kill streak.


    Final thing, stop taking this game serious, it is just a game meant for entertainment and nothing more.

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    If you die from a deathstreak you should get a point towards your poin streaks.

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      It is easily one of the most annoying deathstreaks, but its the only one that lets you get back up and retain, and possibly add to, your killstreak points.  I wouldn't mind if they took it out along with akimbo machine pistols, striker's insane rate of fire, quick scoping and lag compensators.

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        They should remove the following:


        Death Streaks. (At least the offensive ones like FS and Martyrdom)

        Akimbo. (What trained professional marine runs around with dual pistols)

        Heartbeat Sensors. (Really not even needed in the game with all the access to UAVs)

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          UAV spam in this game is insane.  Assassin is pretty much mandatory.  1st thing I do when I spawn is fire my two stinger rockets since they are always in the air.  That way I only have to kill 3 more people for my predator.