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Ok here is some ideas for infection.....take tk out of infection!! they suck, it  takes no skill to hit someone with it, 99% of the time i die in infection is from a tk.......smh....i am tired of the tk's!! you guys out them in there to stop MOAB boosting yea?? people can still very easily do it..... what you  should do is make 2 infection playlists, one for tk the other, no tk's.......let us choose witch lobbie we want to be in. but your thinking everyone is gonna MOAB boost in there huh? well all you have to do to solve that is make the infected team mates ghosts, (meaning you can walk threw them) so if someone blocks the door there team can walk right threw him......or trim the barriers down. Oh and yea i would like to see a nice big open map with alot of hiding spots snipe towers and ladders to get on top of buildings... a fun infected map, and could also be a great sniping/assault rifle map

and yea one more thing put more guns in infected