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MW3 is the fail we knew it would be.

     How can a game get even worst after it has been in production so long. Here is my rant and I know there are people that think this is the best COD ever and I am glad for you. Black Ops theater mode was first put in the game and it was very good the play back was almost spot on MW3 looks like someone with parkinson's filmed it.

     Next the is no local search option, why not I dont want to have to host the Brit's or Mexico game it is not fun to be host with people that have junk connections. And ontop of that what is this host compinsation crap? Did you not learn anything from black ops or do you think you do everything right Infinity Ward? Because your last to games have been $5 bin titles get out of the FPS you cant make one.


Last thing I know I can just put this game down and not play it, but this is the only game people play for a multiplayer game. That is my rant. note I hate INfinity WArd KMA