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Taking action!

I have seen a couple DLC videos from Xbox and I really want DLC for MW3 seeing how good the maps are! Im not gonna just stand by and not get an answer me and my friend are taking action if you want to help the whole wii community out then go free and help us from now on until I or anybody else gets an answer im gonna spam the forums daily to see if they even know if they can give us DLC they said they would in Black Ops nope we didnt get it.


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    They did give us DLC in black ops! You think about it. We got patches.


    You downloads the patch and it got content to help make the game better!


    Oh, btw you should read the other treads because you are bound to see another post almost like this one.

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    We cannot get DLC because Nintentdo will not allow it.  It has been discussed many times before on the previous titles.  Just go get a ps3/xbox if you are that hung up on new maps

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    Black Ops had some traces for DLC. The manual, the ''store'' space. People on youtube that managed to get verruckt/DOA/untoten: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aJ4olL8qJy4
    I also saw something about storing maps on an SD card in the manual. Too bad treyarch won't give us an honnest answer.

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    Soz, but not going to happen. Nintendo's restrictions on download size, the Wii's limited storage, and relatively poor sales of MW3 on the Wii, means that it has zero chance.


    You could instead try asking Activision nicely for:

    1. A patch

    2. The new gamemodes which are on the disc

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      To have DLC they have the coding on the disk(not completely sure but they did have coding for five on black ops) tbh the current patches were fine the fixed the lag shooting and the assault kill streaks but the game still has lag comphensation. You can get DLC on the DS but yet not the Wii? Come on i mean if you recieve DLC on the DS ( mainly Pokemon ) then you should recieve it on the Wii its just a point i have had a PS3 since christmas but the community on PS3 is just yuck. I like the people who play Wii more

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        You can get DLC on the Wii, just not for CoD. Likewise for the DS. Besides, it makes sense that "mainly Pokemon" DLC is available because it is Nintendo's game. They're mostly just promotional pokemon anyway. Do you realize the difference in amount of coding for a single pokemon compared to an interactive multiplayer map? Yes, your argument is invalid seeing as the consoles are different in power and the DLC is different in size. Porting full maps down and checking them for bugs is not an easy task, especially considering that they're not maps that Treyarch designed. You can blame the Wii and the lack of respect for it.

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         That's one long run-on sentence you got there, my friend. May I suggest using a bit of punctuation?
    As an owner of these DLC, I will say that 'Liberation' and 'Piazza' are mediocre maps at best. Overwatch on the other hand, is a pretty damn good map.
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    I'd much rather have infection, which isn't going to happen either

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    I heard a rumor back in black ops that Wii didn't get map packs because of an arguement over the broken Wii incident with Nintendo and Activision. If its true then I really would enjoy map packs! No arguement has happend yet!

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    @ Klazzik What I think you should do is start a petition.  Call it "Wii want DLC".  I think that would be great.  It would get thousands upon thousands of people on board.  Think of all the Wii COD'ers. 


    Once you have around 10,000 signatures, send a PM to WiiAdmin and tell her about the petition and post a link.


    Here is an example of a petition for the addition of the missing game modes.




    I hear it did very well.


    GO WII!!!


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