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    Curious how some jump on any opportunity to hijack a thread to re-start accusations regarding the OG.  We have read what's been said in public by some former members but do not reply in a public forum about former members because we believe in respecting their right to privacy regarding details that lead to their expulsion. 

    Every coin has 2 sides so you can choose who & what to believe. OG take the high road. 


    Drama reserved for "The Young and the Restless"  not a $50 game.

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    padiego wrote:


    Only one time did I have the pleasure of playing with OFC. I played with Pauly, Tripper and two other OFC whose names I forgot. Turns out that when the match starts, the first thing Pauly does is flash his team mates and goes off to get the first kill(or death ). Also, when they called in helicopters, I kept shooting them down and they were really good sports about it. Well, everyone except pauly and tripper, who kept throwing failed tomahawks at me

    This is the kind of slander that I have to put up with. I have no idea what you're talking about. And tripper always saves his tomahawks for me and me only.

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    It depends on what you are looking for.

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    aw heck i thought R@pe Squad was a clan I'll game with you guys I'm always looking for people to play with (thats the whole point of clans btw and why people join em it doesn't matter if you're good or not it just matters about having fun cause thats what being a Gamer is all about)

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    The Only good clan on the Wii is TKC....



    NAH   HAHAHAHA, Just kidding,  we suck


    All kidding around, Were OK, most of our mates are in the .80 KDR range.  But were all just good old fat friends. 


    The OG guys can be obnoxious.  The Np4u guys have a few hackers.


    Ive had the pleasure to play with the DMC guys.  Good clan, no nonsense.  Very respectable.  FYI, thanks for letting me play with you guys.


    Not to advertise but....


    tkc.spurz.com  - 30 and up, but we do make acceptions. No KDR reg, no tryouts.

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    Who are you bro?


    I say obnoxious coz I actually joined OG a while back when I was on the verge of throwing the game in the bin (again), it took me like 2hrs to add about 90 allies. No one accepted invites, no one invited me, no one spoke to me, even on the forums. I joined a few games and the teams quit when they got behind, after theyd cracked out their fmgs. They deffo trash talked in the lobby etc. Only the other night I caught 2 of them trying to get out the map on outpost.


    Im not a liar, its just my experience, and maybe I just bumped into a bad bunch.


    Also when we roll with the RS , we bump into OG every now and again, and they deffo use fmgs, and they arent much good, and thats not an exaggeration. Again it was a small sample and I know the clan is pretty huge.

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    Dev/Null, man!! I know who you are now! I know you dont do whats accused above, and in no way was that meant for you. You play like me, your a domination beast! I went through a period a while ago were I kept running into you every day almost, and you and me always top scored, and were usualy in diff teams. You left a good impresssion Obviously a clan with 200+ members arent all gona be good boys are they.  Sorry if you took offence bro, domination beasts deserve my full

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