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A NOoBs Guide to OT

New to Off Topic? Our unofficial forum etiquette guide. (Some of these Off Topic rules go back to Charlie Oscar Delta)


Forum etiquette means maintining a standard of posting behavior that is acceptable and appropriate. Meh, ok the main purpose is to screw off and have fun.


1.  One of our staunchest rules is no double posting.  In the event of a double post a kitteth sacrafice must be made to evil (or Evil) for the kitteth canon.  No exceptions.


2. Never start a 3 word story thread.  Ever.


3. Hijacking a failed thread is never the wrong thing to do.  Extra points if a lolz cat pic is involved.


4. Posting a 'What's yor favorite war movie' is a flamable offense.


5.  You will see references to GRaS.  What is Gras?  You will have to figure that one out.


6.  One word posts are fail- including LOL, Automatic fail.


7. SoyBob is smarter than you.


8. Snake Doc is older than you.


9. If you list names in a post, exclude Void.  This is called 'Snubbing Void'.  Violations may result in an OT ban.


10.  Favorite OT foods are: Tacos, bacon, jello, and ham sandwiches.  You may not amend this list.  I don't care what cookie you like.


11.  There is no crying in OT.  If you post here you better have your big boy pants on.  We get as well as we give.


12.  No Zombie threads.  They all suck.


13.  I am old and have a lawn.  Stay off of it.


14. No complaint threads about the new format.  Do you think it will matter or be read?


15. Links to your YOUTUBE channels are always welcome.  We will flame the hell out of them, but link-away.


16.  No slack shall be cut except by Reaper.  And he pays for it dearly.


17.  Dates with Jinx's Sister are cash only and paid in advance.  Jinx really does exisit, really is a cop and was a founding member of GRaS.


18. The annuncement of any celebrity, political figure, etc. who died; or a spolied kid who ran away and died in a tree will be often commented on in OT with a post like, "Dibs on his xBox" or"Dibs on his beta codes".  This is never inappropriate.  What is inappropraite is calling dibs on something already claimed. 

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