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MP7 vs Model 1887


Apparently i am bad for killing someone with a lever action shot gun when he had an MP7....who knew?

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    Ahahahaha people will always complain. I know how hard it is to use the model so sometimes when someone kills me with it I legitimately message them and gives them props for using it.

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    Dude I love the 1887.  I really suck with it but damn it is fun to run around blasting people with it.  watching those bodies fly backwards after a shot to the chest is epic.  I haven't used the Model in a while.  I was using it with the MK14 and overkill.  Great long and short range combo.  Shotguns should rule at very close range.  The 1887 does over 300 damage up close, if all you pellets hit.  compared to the 35 damage per bullet with the MP-7.  I wasn't a math major in college, but 300 does seem higher that 35 to me.  if you both fire at the same time from point blank range who do you think will win.....duh!  The 1887 everytime.  Just my humble thoughts on the matter.