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What Guns or Camo's should they send?


If they do send out new guns or camo's in an update or dlc drop what do you think they should send?

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    Wont happen, cant really add new guns that easily. So doubtfully will ever happen.

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    I don't really have an opinion on what weapons they should put in, but I definitely think more camos would be cool. The selection in this game is kind of disappointing in a way. I really like the snow, red, blue, and fall camos. The hex and digital aren't too bad either. The rest, in my opinion, kind of suck. And yeah, the gold camo isn't that cool either.


    I just feel like every camo should kick ass. I hate how there are always camos I go "meh" at or "that looks stupid."


    Along with the "red" and "blue" camos they have in MW3, they should have green, purple, orange, yellow, etc. in that same type of design scheme that red and blue have. Also, another cool suggestion I heard someone say a while back was to have a black camo; a camo that makes your gun just jet black. Some guns are originally biege or gray, so this would be cool.

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    If they add new weapon camos, I feel like a true Arctic Multicam (aside from the Founder only one) would be good. The "Snow" variant is just god awful. Also, I'd like to see some of the camo styles that were in BLOPS appear in MW3 - Dust, Olive, etc.


    As far as weapons, the M1911 would be a welcome addition. However, I don't see them adding Premium content that features new weapons. What I'd expect, instead, would be weapon 'skins' - i.e. making the MP5 from MW3 look like the MP5K from MW2 or the stock MP5N from CoD4. This would allow for "new" weapons, but keep balance as the skins would retain the stats of their original.