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  • 20. Re: Counter for Dead Silence?

    uralegend123 wrote:


    Screw a counter for dead silence, how about a counter for assasin?

    bullets and eyes.... stop staring at your baby monitor

  • 21. Re: Counter for Dead Silence?

    Claymores Bouncing B's are the best counter. Normally dead silence users like to get behind the opposing team. I usually anticipate it and place it in a strategic area. I love tagging the guys who are just out to shoot you in the back.

  • 22. Re: Counter for Dead Silence?

    I dont have a headset or something, but Dead Silence is overtaking the game, people wont change being killed by one or two claymores in a game versus not making a SINGLE noise the whole match.


    Sit Rep Pro - Would be a good counter, just to hear them at normal volume, not 4x.

  • 23. Re: Counter for Dead Silence?

    It seems the only true counter is eye sight. lol


    - vTc Goose

  • 24. Re: Counter for Dead Silence?

    I never use Dead Silence. Just because the amount of times I get killed by someone I can tell heard me isn't enough to warrant it. I've got a headset and compared to MW2 and even Black Ops the amount of sound enemies make is really toned down. I don't play at full volume though so that may have something to do with it but it seems to really vary at times when it comes to hearing people not using Dead Silence.

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    Just because we use sit rep pro doesn't mean everyone who uses it sound whores.

    I have it on my msr class so that way i know if i hear any foot steps it's not a team mate (cause it turns the volume down for your teammates and your own footsteps) so i can switch to my mp9 and kill them soon as they run into my sight. This is also useful to me whenever I'm rushing on my sniping class. plus the ability to see enemy explosives or airdrop trap is good too.

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    You beat me to it Goose

  • 27. Re: Counter for Dead Silence?

    i think we all have to wait, until Black ops 2 is released.

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    I just update the topic, it will counter in the next TU.


    Or at least they are working on it

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    I like hearing the enemy because it adds much needed realism to the game.

    Is an enemy wielding an M60 with a stinger on his back and two spare belts going to be able to sneak up on me from behind on rubble SPRINTING?




    Regardless of realism, we experience the game with TWO SENSES.

    Eyes and ears.
    For me, eyes are 75% of the experience and sound 25.

    Play without sound (Volume turned to 0) and see how boring the game becomes when playing against dead silence assassins with their suppressed MP7s.


    Why wasn't the sound and radius simply halved instead of negated to the point where players with turtle-beach headsets or surround CANNOT hear them AT ALL?

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