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Call of Duty New Ranking System and Matchmaking.

So After 3 Days of going in with a 3 man group, and getting some of the worst player I have ever seen on Xbox.  Meaning the top 3 are Myself + 2 friends, the lower 3 are Randoms going anywhere from 2-40 deaths and under 20 kills.  (this is during Team Defender and Kill Confirmed)


I took some time and ran some ideas Around and came up with a pretty decent new ranking system and matchmaking system to help beginners face ebginners, moderates face moderates, Groups faceother groups, and "No Lifes" face other "No Lifes."



This is the Basic Math Behind it.


2 Ranks - Personal Rank, Global Rank.


Personal Rank - Your basic CoD ranking Structure containing your prestiges, weapon/perk unlocks, killstreak unlocks, etc.


Global Rank - This is a "Points per an Hour" Rank, or you could call it a "True Skill System"

You're PPH will show everyone your actual Rank.  So Having a PPH of X, would put you at Rank Y.  If you drop below that X PPH, you would be demoted to Rank Z.  Getting to a certain PPH would also unlock "Special" challenged to award the player.



All game mode values will most likely stay the same, as they have through every CoD.


But they would all be scaled to represent 1 value.


For instance, someone that plays Dom. vs someone that plays FFA, will have 2 different PPH because each of those games gives different scoresper a kill, for capping obj, etc.


So if Player A gets 5000 points an hour in Dom.  and Player B gets 2500 Points and Hour in FFA.  Those 2 numbers would be scale to a point where they are even.


Now, the Matchmaking part of this will come from your PPH.  If you have a 2000 PPH total, then you will be faced will other people around the same rank.  Similiar to MMR from WoW, or ELO from LoL.  When grouped with other people, your "Average" PPH among all your party will be determined.


Player A - 2500

Player B - 6000

Player C - 3300

Player D- 5750


Avergae PPH - 4387.5 - So you would be againt other players around this PPH.  It would also search for other groups of people aroud the same Average PPH with the same amount of people.  This way, It's not a Core 6 man Team v 6 Randoms.  And would pin Squads Vs other Squads, or fill the remainder of your team with a Squad.


Your 3 man Team + another 3 man team = Team 1

2 other 3 man teams = Team 2


Or something along the lines of 3, 2-man teams = team 1

1, 4 man team + 2 man team = Team 2.


Ontop of your PPH, it will also take connection into thought, as this may also help eliminate a lot of connection issues, as it will favor teams that live on your side of the Country, rather than people across it.


The values are still rough, and being worked out.  This is jsut an outline of what was in my head, and will post some actual working math in the future.


If something like this is brought in, we will end up seeing more Close Games.  None of these 2500-7500 Team Defender/TDM/Drop Zones.


If you have any Question, Comments or Idea that should be added, let me know.

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    How about no, this game does not need anything even remotely similar to Halo 3's broken and abused true skill system.


    And no this would not improve the matches as much as you think it would because people would just boost for ranks and sell acounts like the did in Halo 3. Played many Halo 50's that should have been 10's at best. Which proved the Halo true skill system was a joke.

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      You do realize that if you don't keep the PPH you lose that rank.  It's a fast Decay System.  The Ranking system in Halo as far as I remember was - Win -> Skill up, Loss -> Skill Down.


      they can easily Track peoples PPH and see if someone gos from an 8k PPH to a 1.5k PPH, and see whats up.  It's very easy to monitor the handoff of accounts.


      Ontop of that, again it's a fast decay system.  You don't keep a certain PPH, you lose that rank.  If someone pays 200$ for a High Ranked/PPh account, and doesn't hold it, they wil get to a PPH that they can hold.

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        That was the same defense used by those in Halo but it seldome worked that way. And the sellers do not care at taht point. The point being made it is was abused and did not function as it should. And this system would and could be abused too.


        And people would and could abuse it by simply doing poorer some matches to be deranked to play against lower ranked players for easier games. Another problem that Halo 3 had with its true skill ranking system.


        These kinds of systems are never accurate nor do they ever work as they were intended with out someone learning how to abuse it. And that is why it is not needed in this game.


        True skill or any system based around it is flawed at best.

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    Score Per Minute should have had its own leaderboard. But the lazy devs never added that in.


    I don't mind whatever you wanted with the ranks.


    Also, best not to reply to TSD, he is just going to repeat himself.