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[PS3] AoD Recruiting now! Will be active in CLAN OPS! Gold tags! Teamwork! YouTube! MLG!

Hey everyone! My name is IITheIIDocII and I'm here to shout from the rooftops that my clan, Army of Darkness, is recruiting players! With the addition of clan ops on Elite, our clan is determined to show our strength and skill to the Call of Duty community. With a solid group of 50+ players, AoD has already been dominant in the world of MW3, but we're still growing.




-High K/D? Screw it. If you're an objective first player, your K/D won't reflect your true ability in the game. As long as you're not going 5-20 EVERY game, we'd love to have you.

-High W/L? Obviously you're not in a clan, so most likely you play by yourself all the time. I feel your pain. Before I played with AoD my W/L wasn't even close to 1.0. Now it's at 2.0 and rising.

-Elite Premium? Although this would be a plus since we're going to be amping up for Clan Ops, Premium is NOT required. Neither is Founder status. Both are definitely welcomed though!

-Microphone? Although they are EXTREMELY important, as long as you're a team player and have plans to at least buy a cheaper one (I know they're not cheap at all), they're not required.


Basically what we're looking for at AoD is players that do whatever it takes to get a win. We play every game mode on the game, but primarily stick to Domination, Capture the Flag, and occasionally throw in Kill Confirmed when we're looking just to slaughter.


If you're interested, check out www.armyofdark.enjin.com or message me on PSN at IITheIIDocII <-- Those are i's.