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No World Order 2.00+ minimum KD new clan. PSN

No World Order (NoWO) is a new clan made up of existing members from a previous clan. We decided to start a seperate clan so that we could have a completely active clan and have requirements that are more strict. That being said, we are looking for premium players who have a 2.00 or higher K:D ratio or non-premium players who have a 2.50 or higher K:D ratio. We only want players with experience, and players who can play objective game modes efficiently. We all use headsets and play as a team (especially in search & dom). Because of our experience and teamwork, the few of us who decided to start a new clan all have over 90% win percentage. We don't take losses easily. Although a headset is not required, it's expected you're able to play as teammate rather than a lone gun.


We are a Playstation only, U.S. based clan.

We are very very active.

We will be doing most if not all of the clan operations.

There will be no rage quitting or signing off to maintain stats.

We will be respectful towards eachother and our enemies. None of this "You stole my kill!" crap. Mute people who piss you off.

There is no age limit but we take maturity seriously. If you are obnoxious you will be kicked.

Once we get enough players, we will make a GB team.


If you feel this is the right clan for you, then either message Woahverdose via PSN or write on "No World Order" clan feed asking for an invite.