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looking for a new clan


im looking for a new clan who enjoys domantion , and to do some clan ops , im in a clan EMO+ but there only 2 of us and we dont play at the same time ,so if anyone would wanna invite me to thier clan please PM me GT: bigjon550 , K/D ratio is a 1.24 getting higher wins about 35% play solo on doma alot ,im a good team player and commnacte (bad spelling) with everyone and i often give care packages n assult drone away but nobody listen ..soo yeah hope someone would be up for takeing me

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    Torqu3d Gaming is a PS3 clan looking for highly skilled players. We are a new clan that are working to grow bigger, and be beasts of Cod.

    Our clan offers:







    1. A Youtube channel

    2. Facebook page

    3. Website (www.torquedgaming.enjin.com)

    4. Game battles competitive team

    5. Casual teams

    6. Clan tournaments and competition

    7. An active friendly forum of members

    8. Elite Clan





    We are a PS3 competitive and casual gaming clan. We are seeking competive players with a average KD of at least 1.5 or higher( we do make execptions if your a beast.) We will be holding Try Outs frequently which are Core Domination,CTF, or Ground War games( since those are the gametypes we play).

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    Join iRek

    Our Website is here: iRek.enjin.com

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    My clan iCONoCLASM plays domination 90% of the time. We tied for 46th last night in the first clan op. GOLD ftw! Our average k/d is about 1.8. We almost never lose. My w/l is over 27



    If interested send me a message on XBL or post on our clan wall.


    GT: PL4N3T M3NT4L



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    Tactical Carnage                                                                                                                                                                                                     


    Tactical Carnage was founded in January of 2011 as a PC gaming community and is now home to hundreds of members. Our goal is to provide a fun atmosphere for both casual and competitive gamers. We are currently expanding into PS3 and Xbox gaming, and are actively recruiting for multiple divisions.


    Why Join Us?                                                                         

    We support fifteen different games on 3 platforms (PC, Xbox, PS3)! Members are welcome to participate in game nights for other divisions!

    +A great environment


    +Tactical Carnage Radio...coming soon!

    +High quality website + Forums

    +Our own social networking section! (Social.tacticalcarnage.com)

    +Teamspeak 3 server (Usually has 50+ members)


    Interested in a Leadership position?

    We are actively seeking competent people for our various leadership positions on  both XBox and PS3 consoles, and in multiple divisions. Our current available staff positions are listed in each Console section on our forums. If interested, apply in the leadership application section of the forums.


    PS3 Staff Positions: http://tacticalcarnage.com/forums/index.php?/topic/2062-staff-positions-availabl e/


    Xbox Staff Positions:http://tacticalcarnage.com/forums/index.php?/topic/2063-staff-positions-availabl e/




    How to Apply                                                                                                                    Go to http://www.TacticalCarnage.com and read our rules. You can apply via the Membership Application section in the forums. Usually, you will receive a response within 12-24 hours.


    If you have any questions, feel free to contact me directly.


    Miss Vendetta

    Tactical Carnage

    Skype: Miss.Vendetta

    Email: MissVendetta@TacticalCarnage.com

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    tDOM is a domination based clan looking for new members to join just add LarsYoungMusic as a friend and he'll send you an invite to the clan.

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    Tactical Gaming is recruiting. Check us out at http://tw.tghq.org Tell them TG-Bombshell sent you.


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    Join FEAR Clan!


    We will be level 10 whenever we get the xp from our recent gold clan ops results.


    if you join now you will get 2 hours double xp and a GOLD clan tag!


    We are only taking premium members though:


    Join here:


    or here:



    or contact scotty8oy87 on xbox live

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    "zugzwang" is looking for mature team players due to a temporary shortage were looking for some help with clan ops, KD not important but must be able to handle your self....more importantly were looking for team players who will pursue game type objectives when needed with out regard for preserving KD...play to win!! (clan ops), this clan is 13 years old and in resent years with the move to consoles has become more of a close friends circle, we enjoy banter so you must too!! That said this is a serious clan so no under 18 uber l33t yy trick shooters, send me a message with some basic personal info about your self if interested...for obvious reasons premium members only, a like for domination wouldn't go a miss either but we play most core gametypes








    we are ages 19-30 across the bored play most nights...together!!