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Things that NEED to be fixed. (not re-balancing)


If you have any other ideas, please comment. I'm sure there is much more that needs fixing. These were off the top of my head. I hope Infinity Ward listens to its dedicated fans like myself. (Please no trolling. I want this game to be better for all players)



- Why do you see grenades on the "grenade indicator" if they are from someone on your team? Fix it please.


- The range on seeing equiptment with Sitrep is kinda short. An increase would be good for us team players. Also for the pro-version, why are teammates louder too? Please lower friendly volume.


- Please Please PLEASE make an option for turning off the game music! (Or at least in a match!) I don't need to hear a symphony in the last 30 seconds of every S&D round!


- When I use Overkill Pro, why can't I put 2 attachments on my second primary? It's not like I can use 2 guns at once! If you don't change this, why don't you make it impossible to pick up another custom gun if you already have one? FIXED :]


- Why does the Model shotgun have an attachment proficency? Pointless.


- When I pick up a gun off the floor and switch it for my secondary, sometimes it switches my primary out. It is confusing and time-wasting. Please fix!


- When I'm play infected, I want to see which people in juggernaut suits are in my party. Please make party members blue.


- Blast Sheild already sucks enough, so why put then at even more of a disadvantage and tell the enemy that that is what they are using when they   take explosive damage? This is not MW2 and blast sheild isn't equiptment. Take off the indicator!


- Why is the mic quality absolutely terrible for split-screeners? Needs an update! FIXED :]


- Why is it that when I ADS on an objective ("Capture B") it doesn't fade and disappear? Black Ops had it right! Fix this please.