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Looking for a PS3 clan (EU or multi regional)


im searching for a fun clan i can join either multi regional or EU.

if you want to know my stats here they are

kdr : 1.844
win percentage : 65%
accuracy : 22.04%
playstyle : objective based , adaptable.

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    Hey gondra1, PSNation is an exclusive Playstation 3 community for gamers aged 15+. We aim to provide gamers with a community where they can develop their gaming skills, make friends and most importantly have fun. We strive to cater for the gamer who wants a fun yet structured and disciplined community away from the everyday problems of the online gaming scene. The success of our gaming community lies with the maturity and integrity of each of our members.



    What makes us different?


    Any skill level accepted

    Over 240 members

    East and West seperate batallions (better connection, reduced lag)

    Practice Points with Rank Progression

    Level 11 on Elite with Gold Clan Tag

    Structured 6-9 Man Squads

    We have achieved Gold in all Elite Clan Operations so far


    So if your tired of carrying your team or you want to take your gaming to the next level then come and join us.

    Once your account is created on the site you need to complete the simple bootcamp registration to be placed in your squad.




    Sign up here: http://www.PSNationHQ.org