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This is Lag Compensation


So, as many, many of us know, lag compensation in this game is out of whack. You feel like you are half-second behind, all the time.


Well the developers have openly asked people to provide side-by-side evidence of what we see.


G IH A IN ID II from the MW3 development team says they're working on lag-related issues & he has requested that those who experience these issues provide some game-play footage highlighting these problems along with the accompanying Theater/replay files so they can compare the real-time footage side-by-side with what Theater recorded & try to find out why they're out-of-sync.





So, I spent quite a lot of time putting this video together, to show them what we see. What it looks like being 2 steps behind all the time, what it looks like getting killed before you take any damage.



I hope, if you will, share this around, pass it on to developers, or whomever needs to see it so everyone can see what we see. The "lag" I show in the video, is only the "Average" to what I see every round. Often times, its worse, getting killed before the enemy even registers as visible on my screen.





*edit* I tried to embed the video, but it was not an option, so I'll just leave it as a link. Any mods out there that can make it embedded, if you deem fit, would be appreciated.




*EDIT 3/21/12* As of today, there has been no responses from developers on this thread. Ghandi responded on a different thread that they had seen it. Nothing further.

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    good video and thank you for your effort

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    Pretty awesome video, Capp.  Somehow, I knew exactly how the videos were going to play out when they were side by side.  But still makes me clench my fist and scream WHY!!!!

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    Very good video. I always wondered about the instakill. I've run into all of these situations before. Thank god not all the time though.

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    I totally agree.

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    Very nice video showing in detail what happens all too often. Hopefully this gets fixed otherwise it's an unplayable game for me.

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    Well done video.  You'd think a twitch shooter like MW3, with the map designs and spawns the way they are, would have much tighter lag comp similar to CODs in the past.

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    great vid cappo!


    couple of ickle points

    theatre isnt what the host sees its what the server sees


    and with your shot first and die thing one of the reasons for this is they havent added double deaths.. you know like on some games halo i think does it where you shoot someone and they shoot you and you both die... cod always has had a winner/loser system so someone always dies someone always lives.. only exception to this is with thrown items like hawks/knives/nades ect



    and buy better internet and play minecraft it doesnt lag

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    Call of Duty went from host advantage to host disadvantage. The lag compensation is terrible.

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    Thanks Mac. I was quite curious as to what your take on the video would be. If anybody would ever "call me out" or debunk anything I say in regards to the technical stuff, I figure it would be you. That's a good thing too.


    I know about the winner/loser system, but this is the first game in the CoD franchise I remember being able to die without seeming to take any damage. At least the previous titles, if you were hit, you had a chance to recover/escape.

    I know it's there because I do see it from time to time when I'm not getting probed by the lag/matchmaking problems.


    But man, when the lag comp is in MY favor, straight up God Mode. I can run around with a slingshot and a bag of marshmallows and get a MOAB. lol.



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