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WiiAdmin I have a question/scenario that only you can answer.


I started a topic about whether or not everyone felt the akimbo FMG9 was still OP after the patch.  The vast majority of the responses to that thread were yes it was.   Let's say, hypothetically speaking, that the vast majority of Wii users responded to that thread saying they all agreed the akimbo FMG9's are still OP.  Vast majority being some crazy high number like 80% of Wii users. 


Ok.  Now let's say that PS3 and 360 users don't feel the same way.  Maybe the vast majority of them think it is now balanced as good as it needs to be.  If that happened, would the Wii still be considered for another nerf on that weapon?  Or would it take the overwhelming majority of folks from more than one console to complain enough to justify a nerf and all consoles in turn would get said nerf?  The reason I singled out the Wii in this way is because technically this is IW's game and Treyarch ported it to the Wii.  Would you guys be allowed to do something like that without some sort of approval from IW?


I hope this is something you can answer or at least answer part of it.  If you cannot answer this please just let me know and I will leave it at that.  I understand you guys have gag orders on a lot of issues. 


Also, to the board, if WiiAdmin has already answered this question someone please just politely let me know.  And please don't reply with your guesses to the answers to these questions.  There is no point in making assumptions on the issue and then starting a debate about the assumptions.