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    I wish it was that. But i played this game for Hrs. on end intill they started updateing/Patching then the Disk Read Errors started. They know it's on them or they wouldent have told me they was working on a fix on the next update. I've been playing BF3 for Hr's with no prob. I play Mw3 for 10-20 mins  & Disk Read Error & Console HardFreezes.. this game is bunk . i just love how they come out with map packs befor fixing this falty game.. it's all about they money and they wont get a dime from me i'll never buy a IW call of duty.

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    I done with IW and ACT. I've gone back to Black Ops but I'm just not feeling it. It is time for me to go with BF3 and just like it. I am sure I will get just as addicted to that and never pine for MW3 again.

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    still no fix what a bunch of garbage. SIGHHHH what a failure of a game to follow up Black ops in this series.

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    I'm having same problem been about a month and a half now, even bought new hardened edition and traded my old disc in (which was immaculate buy the way!) my ps3 is about 18 months old 320 g slimline edition!!! Been through all that codswallop about deleting my cache and profile to no avail!!! WTF guys thats £49.99 on the hardened edition £44.99 on the pre-ordered launch edition £44.99 on C.O.D MW3 Turtlebeach headset and i can't even play a game with my mates after a long day @ work I really want to type expletives here but i'll try and refrain but to say i'm furious would be an understatement!! If the console cant cope with game content bring one out that can cope and stop ignoring and collectivley pissing off your customers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    I'm having the same problem mate the first hour to 2 hours have problem all the time then after that seems to work fine! NOT good for morale after a hard day @ work considering my game time is limited on a night cant afford to waste 2 hours every night for game to stop spazzing out if this isnt fixed soon I shall be sending a bill to Activision and IW for household repairs after i smash the place up in a blind rage thanks to this FOOKING GAME!!!!!!! Grrrrrr

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    did the exact same thing disk read errors and full lock ups only with mw3 every other game works fine black ops cod 4 waw ect and the 70 other games ive tried

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    This has to be something they can easily fix. The game played for months without this issue. It seemed to start for me after a certain update. I had heard that patch had some sort of anti-piracy type of code. I understand the need to protect one's IP. But, what good will it be if everybody tells them to F&#& off!


    I'm still playing the old Black Ops. Wish I could get back to MW3. It is pretty obvious that IW does not monitor this board.

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    Disc Read Error

    So The new mappacks comes out get 5mins into a game & the skreen turns black for 30 secs. kicks me to MP menu and "DISC READ ERROR"

    Would be nice if they fixed the game befor making more money & relessing mappacks.

    Fourzerotwo i've twitter this dink 1,000,000 times and no reply & we get no reply on here aint this some BS!

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    Had this happen today, a joke really that this game screws up your blu ray lens!



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