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  • 10. Re: ELITE CLAN TITLE - hacked

    PhilKill2 wrote:


    Thats not a Hack i have it!!! this is for Elite Premium Member with a Clan!!

    You go to multiplayer and push ELITE-CLANTAG!!!

    Apparently when they put those blue clan rank boxes, something now causes clans lower than lvl. 5 to have that specific lvl.15 title when they select elite clan title.  No text of course, but it IS that title they usually get.  Our clan atm is lvl.2, and same goes for us too.  Without text it's dumb, imo, so we don't use it, but a lot of people have been.  No hacking, they must've just made that one default for clans instead of the empty camo one.

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    our clan has been above level 20 for a very long time now

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    It's only a hack if they are less than level 15 AND they have words on it (clan motto, whatever.)  If it's just plain black and yellow, no words, it's not a hack.

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    ^^this.  Probably just a compatibility issue.  The empty camo you used to get probably won't work with those blue boxes.  Why they went with the lvl.15 one though?....who knows.

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    I saw some people with the very last clan title with words on it and they were only a level 2 clan. I didn't know what to think about it but, i didn't really care much. I think its completely stupid to hack a clan title. Where is the fun in that?

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    There is none.

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    AND it's not fair to those who worked hard recruiting new members and playing clan ops to get those titles. 


    If I see someone with a clan title they are not supposed to have I will report them. 

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    Hacking your clan title is pathetic, I agree.  Clans that recruited hundreds of people for bogus xp, equally pathetic.  It ruined the whole premise behind clans.  Clan ops were too far behind the eight ball and clans got out of hand.  In order to be above lvl.5, you should have to EARN it.  3 of us competed in 3 events for 3 golds and 3000xp--much more satisfying.  There should've been a cap on founders xp.  So many clans abused the system--much like hackers do.  Granted if I see a lvl.50 hacked title, I will report them, but imo these other clans are no better--I just can't report them though.

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    Not that we received those points though. By the time you receive them, the feeling of the accomplishment is long gone. Unsettling.

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    I see it all over the place right now.



    I report all of them for exploiting... It's not even a big deal to me, but the mindless-follower nature of the kids that play this game bothers me a bit, so maybe they'll get some little punishment.

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