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"Proof" that most hackers/glitchers are US teens

I live on the west coast in the United States.  One day last week, I played most of the day when all the kiddies were in school.  All morning through early afternoon, I don't think I suspected a single hacker or glitcher.  Around 1pm, I started to notice a few.  The east coast is 3 hours ahead of me, so I can only assume that the kiddies were playing when they got home from school.  As the day went on and more US kiddies got home, the hackers & glitchers were coming out of the woodwork.


When I play later at night (8-11pm) when most of the kiddies are in bed... guess what... rarely a hacker or glitcher.  Early Saturday & Sunday mornings (6-8am) are usually pretty clean, but once the kiddies across the US start waking their sleepy heads... guess what happens.  Friday & Saturday evenings & nights when all the US kiddies are having their parties and sleepovers... definitly the most annoying times to play.  Lately, I've been trying not to play too much on Friday & Saturday nights... go to bed early so I can get up early and have soon good clean honest fun.