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Zombie Survivalist Society Recruiting For Xbox&PS3

You guys fed up of playing with randoms?

Then why not join Zombie Survivalist Society today!

We are a clan dedicated to black ops zombies and MW3 survival,We have our own forum and a friendly community with friendly members on both consoles.On th site you can talk to other members, make threads to get a game going and talk in the general boards.

The requirments aren't much,all we ask is that you have 5 maps round 25 or above and a mic for clan games.You must be above the age  of 14 because we want maturity in the clan.

If your interested please go to the link and register a account and make a post in the new members board with your rounds,(YOU MUST POST IN NEW MEMBERS TO BE ACCEPTED)



Hope to see you as a ZSS member,