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    Sarcasm aside, I'd reword that to exclude the word "pleasure"

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    Trying to use some psychology on myself to make me feel better

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    bump...awesome video shows basically what I go through for the most part any time I try to play this game...had about 3 or 4 times where its so obvious I have the advantage working for me and I pull off close to 40 kill TDM games easy...sucks that such a popular game doesn't come down to skill for the most part

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    Won't sticky....against policy. Yep Ghandi has seen and will respond....Ghandi wise and good and cares about the Community.....

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    Thank you for at least letting us know it has been "seen". Now whether it'll just be cast aside as "incorrect information", who knows.


    After nearly 8k views, someone finally showed up in the comments explaining how I don't know what I"m talking about, throwing around information to try and make me look "ignorant", as he put it.


    Guys, I do not care if anybody believes I know what I'm talking about. You are more than welcome to call me out on anything and if I AM wrong on something, point it out with evidence to prove I'm wrong and I'll learn something new. If you have more data than I do to prove something, make a video yourself or a detailed white paper at least and share it with the world.

    I made no claims to be the "expert" in any field. Just providing the knowledge that I have with the research I did and visual aides I made to go with it. If that is incorrect, then show me the error of my ways.


    But, if you cannot or will not take the time to actually prove I am wrong, did it wrong, am ignorant other than copy|pasting info from the internet, don't bother, because I do not care.


    Thanks for all the supporters

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    Screw the haters. They are probably the ones benefiting from the lag comp. Now they've been exposed. I think the video shows some people something that maybe they didnt want to believe, but that the rest of us knew was happening. I for one am eager to see Ghandi's response to this.

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    I read the responses from the kid claiming Capp is wrong and he knows more than him.  The dude just flames.  He doesn't back up anything he says.  He just says "I know more than you, and whatever you say is wrong" type BS.

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    You may not be 100% corrct in all of the statements you have made but watching my kill cams it explained a lot to me. Last night was pretty bad in that I emptied an entire clip in to someone and on the kill cam it did not even register me firing one shot.


    I have always wondered why some days my "aim" was so bad!!!! Saying that though my "aim" is not great at the best of times!


    Anyway, thank you for the time and effort you have put in to making your video. 

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    I'm sure there are more technically accurate ways to gauge this type of comparison, but since Ghandi specifically asked for a side-by-side of PVR vs Theater, That's what I put together.


    I'm looking forward to seeing what someone on the dev team says.

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    So I saw something on their update thread that sparked my intrest. It relates to lag, and I dont want to start a new thread, so Im posting it here.


    "Xbox TU9 features.

    Voice volume slider fix.

    HD rendering for PS3 theater.

    Host migration update.

    Anti lag balance adjustment for 1/2 bar connections vs. 3/4 bar connections"


    Anyone care to explain what this is? Are they actually going to penalize people with 1/2 bars instead of giving them god mode? That would be amazing if they did...

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