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    You set the scroll whell to fire the gun on the mouse. You just have to scroll the wheel in any direction quickly and you can reach max fire rate on any gun. No mod needed at that point, just a mouse.

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    Not at all, since it was not officially started by a developer or moderator and only by a forum member.

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    Yeah thats what I thought, I've got to stop being so gullable.

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    Here is what we have got most shotgunners behind in terms of buffs.


    spas-12 we want 40-14 damage stock.  We have had this close range damage before on the prepatch spas 12 with emags.  No one complained about it being op up close because it wasn't.  There wasn't a single nerf the spas thread I could find, but there were tons of buff the spas' range damage threads.  We just want the pre patch damage back up close.

    1887 we want 40-20 damage stock.  With the 1887 having the lowest range of maximum damage of all the pumps, no attachmnets, low mag size, and wider spread it can easily accomodate 40-20 while still being balanced.

    ksg-12 we want 40-15 damage stock.  The ksg is at ang extreme disadvantage because of its lower range and rate of fire.  Having it do high damage so it is extremely reliable is the only way to insure it is balanced.  40-15 stock will make the ksg the most reliable shotgun inside of 36ft.

    aa-12 we want 20-10 damage.  This thing is so weak right now it is embarrasing.  And the extremely low ammo it comes with forces you to use scavenger to get more than a few kills with the original starting ammo.  The reduced range and spread of this weapon from mw2 make it almost necissary to buff it to this.

    usas-12 this gun is functional right now.  it generally gorks as expected.  There is one area where its weakness is clear though.  At the very end of its range even with damage on it can take 4+ shots to kill.  For a gun that fires that slow to take 4 shots at range makes it too weak at that range to be usefull.  You are better off avoiding engagements at that distence but If you are forced to there should be some effectiveness.  At that range any weapon will kill in under .2 seconds.  Making the usas do 25-8 instead of 25-5 makes it a reliable 3 shot kill at range with steady aim and good accuracy.  This gives the usas a .8 seconds to kill at max range with the optimal setup.  That is fair comparing it to every other gun in the game.

    The striker is fine in its current form.

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    Not to be nitpicky.

    but unless IW, Activision, etc.. authorized this thread you really can't call it the OFFICIAL anything.

    it really should be called UnAuthorized.

    by labeling it OFFICIAL you try to mislead readers into thinking this get attention from Devs.

    I doubt they look at this at all.


    BTW shotguns still seem a bit OP to me, but I don't necessarily want them nerfed.

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    shotguns op??? what game are you playing?  the only shotgun that is even worthy of being called a shotgun is the striker.  The other shotguns have little effectiveness by comparison.  And even the striker has little effectiveness when compared to other cqc primaries like smgs. 


    I want everyone who thinks shotguns are OP or even fine as they are to post their gamertag in this thread because you obviously have not used shotguns other than the striker.

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    I got USAS, SPAS, and the AA gold pre-buff and i got the KSG gold shortly after the buff and i thought the USAS was fine how it was pre-buff. I think they reduced the range when they added pellets. As far as the AA goes, it has the lowest range, the lowest damage, the biggest cross hairs and the least ammo out of every shotgun. I think this got a nerf along with the striker when the others got buffed. I guess you want me gamertag to look at my classes? xFANCY KIWIx is my GT.

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    I say...


    Nerf the range on SMGs.  If they want to pick people off from across the map, then force them to take the range proficiency.  At the same time, this makes ARs a lot more useful in terms of being much better at mid and long range.


    Increase ARs ads move speed.  The ADS move speed of the AR in MW2 was about 50%.  To be exact, I believe someone on the denkirson forums said that it was 47%.  Bump it up a little bit.

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    The change I would suggest would just make QS pissed because it would basicly make QS less useful at the short/close ranges.


    the change comes in two parts.


    part one damage flip:


    flip the damage on snipers were they only do max damage as max range, as the range drops make the damage drop until at close/short ranges the snipers need at least two shots to kill unless is a head shot than only one. This way snipers would be used a long range support weapons agian, because their close and shor range kill ability would not be nearly as great as it is now.


    part two ads fire:


    Make it where the sniper can only fire when fully ads or fully at the hip. No firing the sniper anywhere between the two. No more black scopes, no more blank scopes, no more drag scopes. It would only fire fully ads after at least .5 seconds or at the hip with max reticule spread at the hip. Again this would make snipers less effective at close and short ranges, making them only effective at longer ranges as they should be.


    If a player wanted to use something at a shorter range, it would need to be either a pistol or something else, or another primary through overkill.

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    I just meant if you think shotguns are op or are fine as they are let me see your gamer tag. Because 90% of people that think shotguns are fine or op have either very few kills with them, tons of striker kills and few on the others, or are just stupid because every other primary on their elite has a higher k/d.  I just ask for gamer tags so I can be sure the person has used shotguns enough to support their claims.

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