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PLZ READ,WHATS GOING ON, Anyone having serious host lag issues?


Hey guys im on ps3 and ever since that patch 1.08 i think it was every time i pull host i lag.. and its not like i think im lagging im talking like my guy is skipping all over the place and this is really pissin me off because i constantly pull host or if im in a lobby and the host leaves it make me host prolly 85% of the time this has made the game unplayable its seriously making me not play the game. Im pretty good no phenom or nothing but i can be going  22-6 18-5 24-3 in the same lobby with the same ppl for 3-4 games straight then host leaves it makes me host then im putting up numbers like 8-17 11-17 till i back out then have to regroup my clan its BS.. My internet is verizon fios 25/25 and im on a wired connection no other devices running but maybe a computer every now and then and not doing any downloading or nothing so im not sure what i need to do or if i should just give up?? any help or even comment would be helpful.