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    I wonder if they are testing the fix with PS3 users before they roll it out for xbox.

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    Well if you look at the update thread, it has the Xbox TU9 features above, and then the list, stacked just like I have put up there^. And then they put something about PS3. I was just wondering if anyone actually knew what they meant by that statement

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    I can't even count the number of times where I'll die and it will look like I'm around a corner on my screen but, what I imagine, the other persons screen still has me in their crosshairs.  I couldn't agree more that the lag compensation blows.  There's also times where people will either come around a corner prefiring or they saw me around a corner before I can see them. That always makes for a good death!  I have some clips uploaded in my vault of my terribleness and how I was screwed over by the game, check em' out if you want.  CarreraGTstix on PS3

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    Also, it's been known for bad console-to-TV display times to cause unnecessary deaths. I know you've got a pristine TV as well, but when I upgraded to a 720p TV with HDMI cable from standard def and a 420p Magnavox tube TV, my gameplay has improved. Just a tip for those who don't know what else to do.

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    Certain TVs do have an "input lag". Which can cause some issues.

    I have a Samsung 720p DLP and from everything I could find on the subject, has very low input lag.


    I go back and forth between component (for PVR recording) and HDMI (for regular play). No noticeable difference or improvement.

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    Dont bother. If you are having trouble its not your tv, its the game. I play on a 24 in 1080p LED tv with 5 ms refresh rate. And I play on HDMI. And it still lags and I still get BS deaths all the time. EDIT: Im also using top of the line Monster HDMI cable. Not some cheap one from Wally world. 

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    Absolutely, the extremely rare ocassions where the game feels 'right' and you know you're not a second behind everyone else proves it's not the TV input lag.

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    Best original post/video in the history of this forum. I didn't read all 10 pages but there seems to be a distinct shortage of the tool bags who typically line up to discredit a fine work such as yours. Well done my friend.


    I haven't played this game in 2 months (and won't until it's fixed) but perhaps this video could be the catylist that prompts IWSH to repair this epic POS game.


    I won't be holding my breath...

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