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How do you know when you're playing a noob?


Well, I think you first have to define a "noob."


What is a noob? I'm not really sure, but I darn sure know when I see one ... or three ... or five ... or a whole team of noobs.


Take a look at these clips and see what you think.


Video One - You have to be patient on this one and watch closely what happens to the last guy I encounter. Big hint? I've alreay been shooting at the car on the right.



Video Two - If you're gonna team camp, don't do it noob style (the funny part starts at 14 or 15 seconds and is pretty much over by 25 seconds).



Video Three - I have no earthly idea what these guys were thinking



Video Four - THIS is why you run the other direction when your entire team runs into a funnel.



Video Five - And of course the best I saved for last. I still keep LMAO every time I think about this COD wtf moment.






I love watching funny shtuff like this. Anyone else have things like this they can post?