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Next game add songs from Horror bands

I've enjoyed all the songs so far for the zombie levels ( Im an Avenged Sevenfold fan, and elina seigman's 115 was INCREDIBLE) but why don't they add songs by bands that sing about horror for a living, like The Misfits or Blitzkid?? I think they would they would fit into the whole zombies thing nicley.Here are a few that i think would be awesome


They're All Dead by Blitzkid

Lets go to the Cemetary by Blitzkid

Teenage Necrophilian Love by Blitzkid

Cannibal Flesh Riot by Blitzkid

Braineaters by The Misfits

Night of the Living Dead by The misfits


...sorry if the links don't work they arn't showing up as im pasting them :[

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    I dont even think they need vocal songs, they could just have themes from soundtracks, e.g Torchwood Series 1 & 2 Soundtrack, 'Captain Jack's Theme' is epic whilst playing zombies, that would be brillaint if they put that on there

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      Just heard captin jacks them on youtube, i guess it would fit if they wanted the mood to be all dramatic haha some other good dramatic songs would be "i dont care" by apacalyptica and "in a house, in a heartbeat" by the 28 weeks later soundtrack/ john murphy. But i would still prefer a song with lyrics especially if they can be kinda funny like "Teenage Necrophilian Love"