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A Tutorial on How to get a MOAB



This is for Any Gamer who is Struggling to Get A MOAB As Well as for the Pro Gamers Who


Might Want Some Reminders!


Thanks For Watching!



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    You forgot the most important tip, avoid capturing because you will not get your precious moab...Its kind of funny to hear you say "we" captured C when you ran past it more than once. Basically your team captured and probably defended while you ran around in traffic areas looking for the moab...


    You're just another Domination MOAB scrub

  • 2. Re: How to Get a EASY MOAB VIDEO

    Oh look, another M.O.A.B. in a game of domination. Wow. Impressive. /sarcasm.


    I'd be impressed if you actually just posted a video of caping/defending flags, instead of the lousy M.O.A.B. gameplay.


    Next time, play the objective. And trust me, this video won't be popular on this forum.

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    You know what is pretty neat? Having a team that works together playing the objective in order to win objective based game modes. Luckily for you, the people you were playing with did just that and won the match despite your lack of effort.


    Thanks for posting a tutorial reinforcing that fact players not skilled enough to get a MOAB in TDM or FFA should camp in objective games. Lets hurt the team and be selfish in an attempt to acheive non-existant glory.Pathetic message.


    A MOAB in an objective game mode is not in the least bit impressive. Earn one in a kill/death based game mode and that will be somewhat credible.

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    I honestly expected for this to be infected gameplay...But domination is just as bad. Im not going to bother watching, because Im betting you didnt play the objective, and no one cares if you get a MOAB without playing the objective.

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    Defending the flags are also apart of the game of domination. and Remember, This is a HOW TO get a moab tutorial video. Thanks for your input.



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    Whats everyones big deal with MOABs in domintation? i only play domination so does this mean if i want to get a moab then i need to go play some other game mode?


    all you say is "I would like to see you get a MOAB in TDM"? Seriously? TDM? i HATE TDM becaus eall everyone seems to do in it is camp to the max..


    i have had 4 MOABs in domination, and my first one i was just DEFENDING A the whole game on dome behind the fence. this is NOT camping its called DEFENDING...


    i honestly dont know why ppl get annoyed about other ppl getting MOABs in game modes they dont play.. basically your a noob if you get a MOAB in anything but TDM or SnD right?

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    It's just about 5x easier to get a MOAB in domination.  If you can sit in one spot and rack up 25 kills over the course of an entire match there is no skill in it... whether or not you're defending there was no skill involved.  It's not possible to do that in TDM/FFA because of how quick the matches go...  MOABs in those gametypes show that you actually had to move around and work for the kills.

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    Seriously? who said MOABs need any skill? anyone can camp in a corner in TDM and gametypes like that...


    the whole point of domination is to try hold the flags and rack up the points... therefore DEFENDING the objective...


    All the 4 times i have had MOABs i have not tryed to get them.. i have just been playing the objective, (the way you should play an objective game type) and then a MOAB has popped up.


    I'm not just gonna run around like a moron letting the flags be captured by an enemy am i? NO..


    Let ppl get MOABs in the gamemodes they want(unless your just coming into objective based games for kills)

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    Thanks for the support tizzle, and in this game, one of my tips is to actually move around and not stay in the exact same spot the ENTIRE game because the enemy will catch on to you and its easier to stay alive if you move around. However, I have seen tutorials, guys where they will just stay in ONE spot the whole game and also get the Moab. But like I have said This is a HOW TO GET A MOAB VIDEO and A lot of people just dislike that people go for Moabs or that it is actually in the game. I love going for Moabs and I am glad they put the Nuke back in MW3. And DEFENDING is apart of Domination. Thanks again for everyones input.

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