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So I played against Robert Bowling...

To top it off, the kid thought he was Top ****...  If you don't get the Joke, Bowling openly addmitted that he favors camping, among other thing.  Played vs. this guy and instantly thought I was playing against Sir. Trolling Himself.


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    THat's not camping.

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      I hope your both not serious?  He stayed in that same building for a good 90% of the game.  Laying prone watching a door with dual Fmgs, watching a spawn form the balcony.  The people who say it's not camping, camp themselves.


      He didn't actually leave the building for more than 10 seconds until the very end, but oh, look he was running right back into it when the game ended.


      Must be nice to sit in a room, watching a door/spawn and let killstreaks do your job for you.

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        maybe it's just the fact that the video was sped up, because in the video he seemed like was moving around that corner of the map. i always took camping as what you said, staying absolutely still in one spot adsing.  but maybe that term is a little overused and underdefined these days.

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        That is not camping it is called defending an area. A camper gets in one place like a doorway or window and never leaves it.


        He left the building on several times to defend the area around it. Just because he did not leave the area does it mean that he was camping.


        He was actively defending and partroling the area there is a difference.

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    how is this camping?

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    Hey Paddi, I posted this on your ******* YouTube too. Deal with it.


    Dude, you're a ******* moron. If that's camping? I'm the ******* POTUS.

    What that was, was a textbook schooling on you and the others in the room on how to control a section of the map, make your sorry asses keep running to him and dying because you're "GOING TO GET THAT GUY!" and you're playing against the guy who was integral to CREATING that map. They didn't hire him because he's a noob. They hired him because he uses tactics and superior knowledge of the ins and out to dominate. NOOB!


    Camping, you got fuckin schooled. Period. He covered his entrances with multiple IMS was probably using Blind Eye/Assassin/Sitrep Pros, and to make it worse for you, his superior tactics won the game for him.


    Cry all that you want. Camping/Turtling/Map Control/Patterns, call em what you will, but you know what, in CORE,  you have this little thing, it's called a HUD, you don't think he was watching that too? Where his UAV was, where the red dots of unsuppressed weapons were? Probably wearing headphones so sensitive, he could hear a pin drop at a 1/4 mile! So...just because you got whupped on? He's a camper.


    As I tell everyone who calls me that. Go on Elite, look at the heat map, then bring me up and see where I whupped your ass from!


    Me, I do the same ******* thing when it comes to anything in core, you will run to me, get in my sites and 2-5 rounds later, you're respawning and I'm calling in my Pavelow.


    Fuckin noob ass, garbage players in MW3, GET...OVER...IT!

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      Superior tactics?  So having an IMs in each doorway of a 6x6 room, letitng your killstreaks do the work for him is superior tactics?  Thats more of Scrub tactics.  I wouldn't call beating someone by 1 point getting 'Schooled' specially when the person was using specilist and you know actually moving more than 4 feet.


      What I got form your long post was that one. You seem to have some anger issues, 2. You do what he did, and don't want to classify it as camping when you know it is.


      So you're defending another camper? or someone that relis on killstreaks?  or Both?

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        Anger issues? No jackass, what I'm sick of is players, LIKE YOU, who do nothing but ***** and moan about getting beat. How many times (go on ELITE) did you get one in the D column during that game from Bob huh?


        Were you his nemesis? Were you his victim? What?


        So, you run and gun in FFA with Specialist on? So you can possibly what? Get your MOAB?


        Stop me if I'm wrong here.


        You do know, that if you go 25-0 with your gun (Killstreaks excluded), you get a MOAB right? Yes, you can have 5/7/12 Killstreak, as long as you go 25-0 with your gun, you're good to go.

        You're one of those angry little gamers man, that cries camper when you didn't even WATCH the video, he was TURTLING, or using a PATTERN or as per the last post of mine you DID NOT read, his nametage wasn't above his head, so that means, he was using Assassin Pro.  There weren't any killstreaks in the sky, so that tells me that no one, other than Bob was getting a solid killstreak.


        The purpose of the Killstreak is to assist you to win the game. That's what FFA is right? Every man for himself? Win at all costs? No matter how pissed you get, you got beat, you didn't get your MOAB and you got outplayed.


        Defending a camper? Sure, why not, it's a legit game tactic, so it turtling, rushing, run and gunning, talking smack, etc...need I go on?


        Don't get mad at me man, just get better.


        PS-You said, I'm defending a camper, I rely on Killstreaks, or both? Yep, I'll take both.


        So is this where your bruised ego challenges me to the 1v1? Get over it man. You got beat.

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          Again, the fact that you don't understand Sarcasm, or any joke in General and thought this was actually Robert Bowling when his Gt is 'Stealth Clown'


          Please, do all of us a favor and shut your computer off  I'd like to keep my IQ.

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          But on another note, I was even arguin that I got beat.  The purpose of this video was to show exactly what the CoD community has become after taking Trollings advice.


          the only thing I said about winning was that I didn't get "Schooled" when I lost by one kill, ontop of using specialist and actually moving.


          and No, camping is not a legit tactic, nor will it ever be.

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        and after readig your comment on the video, the fact that you thought this was actually Bowling, makes me wonder.  Bowling openly admitted that he favors camping, and does indeed camp.


        He told people to use Blind Eye, Assassin, Dead Silence, Silncer Betty/Clay and to camp.


        It's called Satire, maybe you should go back to school.

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        Paddi wrote:


        Superior tactics?  So having an IMs in each doorway of a 6x6 room, letitng your killstreaks do the work for him is superior tactics?

        Sounds like superior tactics to me.

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          Theres little tactics in camping, you sit, wait, get a kill repeat.  Thats it.

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            But dude, you're missing the point of the video. He wasn't in ONE SPOT! He was in one area, but not one spot. Sitting as a camper means you go to one corner, wait for someone to run past and shoot them. Then wait again and wait again and wait again and ... you get the picture. WIth the killcam, that tactic doesn't last long okay? That's why they don't have HXFFA in MW3, you can boost too much and it turns into FFACampfest. That's not fun now is it? For them, it would be. Not you though, that's not your style? Right?


            What you withnessed as before and yes, I'm saying it again is what is called pattern usage and turtling.


            Look it up...I'm going to another forum, this dead horse's head is a full on dust cloud now.

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            Perhaps. But it works. Next time, semtex the hell out of him.

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            I disagree that it is not a legit tactic. Also I dont think that you know what camping is. If he was auctually looking at one door the entire game and put the ims behind him thats one thing. But your video does not show that. It shows him activly moving around in an area. perhaps you prefer to run and be agressive but that does not make that a better tactic. I remember a time long long ago when players auctually knew what camping was.

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      It's called camping because they stay in one spot as in get out the tent we're staying here for the night

      This is called killing people

      Where in the rules of the game does it say you have to constantly run around the entire map

      Even though this is all I do as I play hc Dom lol

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    it's not camping, it's patrolling an area.  He's moving around almost the whole time, not sitting in a dark corner.


    But he's still using the akimbo FMG9s.

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    Pass us a link to his GT on elite.

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    I play Fallen similar to this and I call it camping. Stop trying to make yourselves feel better... We're all campers sometimes.

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    It's not camping, it's called patrolling. Camping implies he doesn't move. I saw him moving around the house. He had the house on lockdown.

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    Wow, he never stops moving around yet its camping? No. The IMS was horribly placed it shouldn't have killed anyone. He left the building a lot more than you want to admit. All you had to do was post up on the building next to him and he would have been dead. Killing that guy should not have been hard at all.

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    Concider this. Wether he is centred around a specific area or he is moving all over the entire map, he is still moving. His engagements with enemies will be the same wether he is moving in a small area or moving around the entire map.


    Camping is when you arent moving while you are engaging. You find a corner, wait for enemy, shoot and kill, then make a choice, either move to a new spot or stay where you are. If you choose to move then you will find a new corner, or bush etc. Sit and wait for enemy, shoot and kill, then make the choice again. Thats camping.


    If you are moving while you are engaging your firefights then you are not camping.


    Also the biggest misconception about camping is when you run up to a window, stop for a few seconds to look for enemies, you spot one and kill him then you move on. Thats hardly camping by any means, but on his killcam it might appear that you were standing there just waiting for someone to pass by, when in fact you were just taking an efficient look around.


    The term 'camper' is thrown around way too loosely. People just need to blame their deaths on something other than their own faults.

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    I hate campers but that guy was just holding down a high traffic area.  Camping is sitting in a corner, aiming down sight, waiting for someone to cross in front of you so that you can pull the trigger and get a kill.

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    Thanks for the video proof that "camper" complaints, are mostly exaggerating children. If you call that camping...... stop playing.

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      I see what happend here, the little kid OP thought he could make a look robert bowling is camping threads and all the other little sheep would come in here all high fives and butt slapping and he would feel all special caue they supported him. Well that did not happen so the little child has resorted to arguing with every one that disagrees with him, obviously some little 13 year old kid up past his bed time.

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    i agree with the op that was the most boring **** i have ever seen.. and yes its ******* camping ... staying in one damn building the whole damn game and changing your spots only to either get a new weapon is a bullshit ass way to play this game...


    who the **** does this boring ****... i run and gun and i win sure i might not go 30-1 but i'll go 67-7 which is so much harder to do... and after watching this if this is the real robert bowling then i see why there are so many campers in this damn game...


    but its ok trust and believe if i was in that damn lobby i would have made his ass move... and for all you saying this is controlling one part of the match are ******* idiots... its free-4-all not the objective is to seek out all others and kill them not cower in one area and use the spawns to your advantage to get easy kills... this ***** layed prone in the dark with duel fmg9's that is the definition of a ******* noob...


    im glad to see how many of u players approve of this... now i know for sure in a lobby i will take no pitty on you when i make u rage quit because i call in air support faster than you can shoot it down.... but hey to each his own camp if u wanna i'll just blow you out of your spot with a sticky or pump u full of buckshot from my shotgun...


    also this is a full video sped up to 4x regular speed which means he spent a lot of time doing not a damn thing just chilling waiting for someone to spawn which is camping and i only call patrolling when you play an objective based game like dom... otherwise its camping

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    That guy isn't Robert Bowling (fourzerotwo)...

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    If it was a kill-based gametype (dom, ctf, hc, etc.) I'd call it camping.  But the sole object of FFA is to kill...  if you get into a spot that allows you to watch multiple areas of the map at the same time and rack up kills you'd be an idiot to leave it.

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    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LPEQND674WM&feature=plcp&context=C38d7c6cUDOEgsTo PDskLJKRPYcSDlamLdhPUdvzqt


    This is camping. ModGSR never moved. And the only reason Milkydondada moved was because he ran out of ammo.


    This second video is what some of you guys, in this case akkar, calls camping after being killed 7 times.