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    The important point of this thread is...


    Are the devs actually going to pay attention to it?

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    Trial star, your reversed min-max damage is genius!

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    anoreo wrote:


    Trial star, your reversed min-max damage is genius!


    I've thought about the flip-flopped damage (50-70) ever since Black Ops came out but ultimately I don't think that's the best decision.  #1 it's quite unrealistic, and #2 the main idea is to discourage quickscoping, not hurting sniping as a whole.  I still believe a sniper rifle should be able to kill a guy 10 feet away from you if he happens to walk right in front of the area you are aiming it.  For a while I thought it would be the perfect solution but eventually I realized there are many ways that this would hurt sniping as a whole, not just quickscoping.  I think there are better ways of abolishing quickscoping.


    Another similar solution I was thinking about was reduced damage for the first 0.5-1 seconds after aiming.  No initial sway or "ADS delay" like Black Ops, but it would be impossible to be a 1 shot kill for the first second of aiming.  After that 1 second, damage would go back up to the normal value.  While this is just as unrealistic as the other solution, I feel like this targets quickscopers more than snipers in general.  However, now that I am beginning to try out coding for myself, I can see how this could get very complicated (i.e. glitch-potential)

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    asasa wrote:


    T95: Increase hipspread to 5-9, 4.5-8, 4-7 [Same as MK14]

    M16: Increase burst firerate to 1050RPM, reduce recoil to 30-30L/R; 0-20D/U

    ACR: Reduce firerate to 655 [Or about 40RPM, as values on console are already ~630]. Reduce damage to 35-25.

    MP7: Reduce minimum damage to 17.


    Shotguns: If possible, multiple seperate damage drops [50>40>------15] so that range can have some purpose over damage. Effectively, create a very short range where they can 2HK[Or 4HK, depending on gun] without damage, then a much longer chunk that requires damage to be a 2HK. Gives them the extreme CQC consistency they need.


    SPAS: Increase max damage to 40, pellets to 9

    KSG: Increase pump speed for an RPM ~90

    1887: Increase max damage to 40, 9 pellets

    AA12: More reserve ammo, increase damage to 20-10


    I really like these suggestions.  Although I'd also give the ACR a little less range, because if you are only lowering the RoF you are just making a clone-copy of the CM901 with less recoil.  Still no reason to use the CM901 unless it has more range than the ACR



    ...wait, 1050 rpm on the M16?? and then add rapid fire??? lol

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    The Type 95 needs to have its damage reduced to 45-49, that way it is a 3 shot kill up-close which gives the SMGs a chance to win the gunfight. Instead of the Type 95 having the damage of 55 up-close, which is a 2-shot kill, and I believe the PP90M1 has the same firerate as the Type 95 but is a 3 shot kill up-close.

    The ACR hip-fire should also be improved so it can match the Type 95 in an up-close gunfight.

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    I can agree about teh changes to 95 and 16 you susggested. Make one more for medium range and give the other a longer range dominance. It would give a reason to use the two diffrence guns more depending on if you played long games or medium range games.

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    It would not really hurt sniping It would make them fit were they belong at the longer ranges. Not as a osk at close range where they are not really meant to be used. At those ranges the player using the sniper should be using a secondary to defend or another primary through overkill.


    I used to always go sniper/ar combos in past games beacuse of that. I used the sniper for the longest ranges, and when things got to medium or shorter I would go with the ar.


    Your proposed other solution could work if teh codeing was done well enough and lag was not an issue. But with lag a .5 second delay can easily be compensated for by a many who snipe.


    Though my idea is unrealistic because snipers do not have less damage at close range, this game is unrealistic in the fact that even a pistol can work as a sniper if your aim is good enough especially on hardcore.


    The idea was to make snipers less effective at close/short ranges but not to hamper them too much at the medium range, where they still have some use. With a reverse scale damage, at medium range most snipers would be back to one shot potential again depending on the multipliers of each gun and where the shot was taken.


    The MSR/AS50/Barret would still be a one shot to chest and head, and maybe only a two to the stomack at the medium range, anywhere else it would be two no matter what at medium. No sniper spam at the feet for aimless kills.


    The delay and not allowed firing between aim and hip would make many of the trick shots less capable of being done. But would not really affect the sniper from being used normally as it was meant to be used.

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    Very long post.


    Okay. Allow me to tackle the weapons that everyone screams "OVERPOWERED!!!!" about first.


    Type 95 - I really don't think this gun is overpowered at all. Sure it's strong, but it serves its purpose right. You have to aim well to get the kill. Which is as fair as it gets. To me, this is the most skilled gun in the game. It's not easy to "spray and pray" and kill with this gun. If you do get a kill in that way, then you deserve to beat that kid with any other gun. This gun is certainly weak at close quarters, a weakness that can only be overcome with quick reflexes and good aim - once again, not everyone can do this. At long range, this gun is very effective, but iirc it loses a fair bit of damage, so your aim has to be even better. I don't think this gun needs balancing at all.


    FMG9 - This gun loses all effectiveness after about 20 yards. After that, they won't kill easily and will usually require the entire clip to kill. The user is extremely vulnerable, as intended, at those ranges. People complain about these guns because they get destroyed by them - in their intended range! FMGs should be powerful within its high kill range because the amount of bullets it spits out and the damage they do is extremely high. In order to counter this, the players should move out of its range. I think this is balanced as it is. Another nerf to these guns would be very upsetting, because then it would be Model 1887 syndrome all over again.



    Shotguns (I'll make this short):

    USAS-12: Really love this gun, especially after the rebalances. I mean, this thing is seriously a behemoth. It's got a decent fire range, plus amazing range (even w/o damage). Yes, it takes about 3 shots to kill at a range, but this makes your gameplay surprise oriented or speed oriented, which makes it a diverse gun. No changes required.


    KSG-12: This thing is inconsistent for me. I think all slow, pump-action guns should be very effective with its shots. I'd say increase the damage it does at 5-10 yards and it should be balanced out.


    SPAS-12: God, what a waste of a gun. Where to begin? Inconsistent at all ranges. This thing should have a massive range, but a very short spread. Which means you have to aim this thing perfectly to get a kill. Just like in MW2 (the spread was a bit high in MW2 though...). We could use a "sniper-shotgun" that misses often. That way, it adds more skill to the game!


    Striker: Fine as it is now. No complaints here.


    AA-12: I think this thing's range and ammo are too low. It should have a shorter range than the USAS but a faster fire rate and another starting mag.


    Model 1887: I'd make this gun similar to the SPAS, but with a shorter range and bigger spread. That way, it's better up close but can still kill at a distance. To compensate for the bigger spread, the damage dropoff should be increased so it takes 4 bullets to kill at the max range.



    Lastly, a few misc. thoughts:


    M16: Outclassed by the Type in every way. The M16 should have a higher damage at range, period. In fact, because the type shoots faster, the M16 should have more damage across the board to compensate. It doesn't have to be statistically equal, upping the damage to a 1-burst kill at all ranges will make it easier (remember, you still have to aim the reticule on the person, all 3 bullets aren't guarenteed to hit).


    AK-47: More damage. This gun is outclassed by a few others (I think the SCAR and ACR???)


    What do you think?

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    2 extra mags! 8/24 and 12/36

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    I didnt do the math but I think the damage drop from 45-30 to 35-25 would reduce its 3HK range by quite a bit. It could definitely use further ranged dropping though.


    As for why the M16 should shoot so fast [IMO] is that it is a 3HK burst weapon. For a 1 burst kill, you need 100% accuracy. This should be rewarded thru having a very very low TTK when accurate. The Black Ops M16 was ~920RPM 3HK and bad, although I'd  admit thats in part due to the Famas/Aug... the maps in MW3 are very small and SMGS are more powerful... so I cant see it being OP. It'd still be bad CQC.

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