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New Skill: Teleportation


Iv'e noticed in many lobbys tonight and previous nights this week multiple people in lobbys have this ability to teleport and make all of my shots miss them.

I know that lag compensation can tend to do this in gun fights and make the victim of the lag compensation look like he was staring in space for 10 minutes.

I am this victm game after game and somehow manage a 2 k/d with the best guns i have.

I started mw3 on the xbox 360, got 10th lvl 80 and soon after my xbox got an open disk tray error they came out with more prestiges. Then i got a ps3, and after this patch, i have never played in such laggy lobbies in my life.

I got road runner as my internet, my internet service provider is time warner cable, and i also have a linksys router.

So i pretty much have decent internet connection and should not be in these situations consistently. This patch needs to be patched once more or twice more.

I am wondering.. has anyone else noticed these people with this ability to teleport? =P.