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Do They Even Know They are Playing a Video Game??

When your playing say Dom or Demo or pretty much any objective gamemode, here's a little tip, now take notes. PLAY THE F***ING OBJECTIVE. IT'S NOT OPTIONAL. I WILL STAB AND TEABAG YOU AND GENERALLY ANNOY YOU UNTIL YOU GET UP OFF THE FLOOR FROM YOUR LITTLE DARK CORNER AND GO PLANT A BOMB. Simultaneously somehow managing to also be playing the objective myself whilst annoying you. I'm cool like that.


Seriously though, they don't even killwhore, at least that would be slightly useful to the team. They just sit in a corner with a claymore and a Type 95. All game. GTFO.


Sorry, old topic, I know. Just been running into a lot of pubs today where I'm the only one on my team actually doing something.