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Idea - The Firing Range

They need to make a mode in Call of Duty called The Firing Range.  Basically, you would have a menu where you could choose your gun and sights, and options for targets.  You could have stationary targets with adjustable distance for people who want to see what their effective range is with their favorite AR.  Maybe even show the target where the mini map is, so you know what your grouping looks like.  You could set it for moving targets, random pop up targets, and just for fun clay pigeons for the shotguns, and beer bottles on fences for pistols and at distance snipers. All with options for distance, speed, and number of targets.  This would be fun and I can see it fitting in any CoD (IW's got spec op, TA's got combat training).  What do you think? 


Ok, so here it goes, I hope it doesn't become so long no one finishes, but it might.  Also, I'm no programmer (I did learn Pascal in high school).  I don't make video games.  So I have no idea how hard this would be to pull out.





You begin by selecting The Firing Range just like you would multiplayer or spec ops.  Before your character spawns you will have a menu.  You can pull up the menu anytime you want to swap weapons, change modes, or examine target (more on that later)



          Free Shoot - Basically just shooting at target

          Time Trial

               Most targets hit in a set amount of time

              Time till all targets hit

          Mutliplayer - ?

     Weapons - Here's you pick your primary and secondary weapons, prof., and attachments.



               Full Body - These are the full body cut out style targets we see in Stay Frosty.  The ones with the guy hold a Uzi or something

                    Civilian Targets - Off / On

               Torso - These are just the black torso silhouettes with white rings.

               Headshot - These are round head sized targets on poles. They have rings and a bullseye.

               Mixed - Randomly give you targets

               Clays Pigeons - you can chose the numbers of pigeons per pull.  1-8 and random.

               Fodder - this is the stuff we shoot all the time: computer monitors, bottles, vase, etc.


         Arcade targets - These targets fall down once the equivalent of core, hardcore health limits have been reached or one shot

               Left and right movement - Selectable 0-10 and random.  Zero being they do not move.  Ten being they move as fast some one sprinting full   speed.

               Up and down - This is how long is the target is visible.  Selectable 0-10 and random. Zero being targets do not fall until shoot.  Ten being targets are only up for a short time

               Distance - This would be the range of distances your target would be in.  you could select to have targets between certain ranges like 100 m to 300 m, or a single range.

               Cover - As your target move would you like some trees and boxes to shoot around?  You can pick none, light, medium, or heavy.

          Marksman targets - These targets do not fall.  You will have five targets of your choosing.  You can set these target at any distance.  While shooting these targets you will see the target you are aiming at were the mini map would be for spotting.  You can also at anytime check your targets through the menu.  The last 30 shots should be selectable for data on what order it was in the grouping and from the magazine so you know which ones missed, damage multiplier and damage on each target.  Possibly save your targets in your file share with gun, distance, and shot info.  These could be used in Elite contest for lets say, best grouping with a FAD iron sites, torso target, at 200m. 




Anyway that about the best I can explain really.  Feel free to add any idea you might have. 

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    I'd like a firing range with accurate shot stats and accurate weapon stats in general.


    Don't just let me shoot a target, but tell me what the range was for the shot and the damage that shot did.  For a shotgun, tell me how many pellets hit.  If I fire multiple shots, tell me how fast I was firing.  For explosives, include how far the target was from the center of the explosion.


    Either let me easily switch set-ups in the firing range, or at least switch custom classes without needing to suicide or the like.  This is necessary for comparing similar set-ups, because the more hassle you go through to switch weapons, the less you will be able to notice minor differences.


    As for accurate weapon stats, that alone could alliviate some of the need for a firing range.


    Done right, all of this should also help in tracking bugs and mistakes in weapons, too.  Right now, it seems a lot of weapon bugs are found by players who go out of their way to test things, even recording video and doing careful timings or setting up elaborate tests for damage or range situations.  A well-coded system to display weapon stats (not just the completely inaccurate and generally worthless bars that get displayed when looking at weapons, but accurate and relevant data) and/or a working system built around testing weapons for performance (a controlled firing range with detailed reports of every shot fired) would make finding and proving things like incorrect fire rates much easier.

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      To OP: GREAT IDEA. I hope Treyarch will implement this. I would be so excited if they did. I could always use the practice to improve my horrible aim. THIS IS WHAT THE FORUMS ARE ALL ABOUT--TO SUGGEST GREAT IDEAS LIKE THIS. If this does not go under consideration, then these forums are useless IMO.

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    Outstanding idea, OP!

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    You're on to something here. But it needs to be extremely elaborate like Soracia suggested. I want to see how much damage I'm losing the farther away a target gets. I want to see highlighted bullet groups so I can see what the spread of was like. Very good idea!


    Hell I'd even like for it to have a little mini-game option that gets progressively more difficult. Maybe have the targets move/flip up faster and faster. Throw some friendly targets in there that penalize you for shooting them. Have a weapon cycle after each round or something. You could have online leaderboards, see if you can top your friends' scores and see who's better with all the guns. Kinda like sharpshooter for BO but with a firing range game like there was in Dead Space. Would be fun as hell I think.

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    I completely co-sign this idea. This is a great way to test out weapon effectiveness without having to jump right into a match. I hope the developers notice some of the great ideas that come from this community.

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    Thanks for all the feed back guys.  I didn't want to put everything I was thinking about in just yet to avoid any TL:DR's.  Plus I post over my phone.  I'll try to elaborate more on my grand scheme when I get to my desktop.

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    There was many of these kind of ideas about armory/shooting range before Black Ops was out.

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    This is quite an idea, but they wont be putting it in mw3 obviously.  Perhaps in future ones, I'd say 3arc cares enough to maybe have a chance of including it

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    I'm commander shepard, and this is my favorite thread on the citadel.

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    I'd definitely, without a doubt, play "The Firing Range" if it were part of the game.

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    I don't mean to be the guy to bump his own thread, but come on guys.  Help me out here.  This would not only be entertaining, but would actually help people become better players.  Noob or pro you could use it in so many ways.  Don't let this thread die to the nerf this, I hate campers, or screw quick scoper threads. Viva la Firing Range.

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      You';d think that on CoD Elite they'd offer charts showing all the weapon info you need to know, power at certain ranges, etc.

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        Elite is already a bit flaky when it comes to reporting game details.


        Further, things like code and performance issues could theoretically cause "real" in-game weapon results to not match what a data table says they should be.  That is without even getting into the issue of hotfixes and updates, which could change either weapon data or code related to weapon performance.


        Or that the devs already put inaccurate stats in the game, in the form of the mostly worthless bar graphs that appear when you look at a weapon.  And also put hidden/unlisted performance factors on some weapons.

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    I agree, Firing Range was a great map!