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okaY  MW3 prob thw worst game i have ever play i wanted to thank you 4 bring commando back into infected claymore pathetic i could just walk by it not die thorwing kife overrated more guns need to be added throwing kifes curve around buildings and hit you also they wont even come close but still hit you really pathetic  and regular kifing you have 5-15 bullets to the Head and they still manage you kill you.. I'm sorry but Mw3 is prob the worst game cod has ever made next to black ops. I thank the Extra 60 i had to use was used on a game that is acually good and that game is Bf3





Please i wanna see some comments i wanna see your opinion please write back thanks


    I disagree with the 5-15 bullets too the head part. I agree with  the curving knives. I got a random throwing knife at the start of a SnD round that never should have touched the guy but it some how got him. Very next round I throw another in the same area. The knife bounces, sticks in the guys knee, but doesn't kill him and stays their till I die. They are very inconsistent. I still enjoy mw3 and black ops.  Bf3 is a great game aswell. I wish I could show the clip but its too long to render. Feel free to send a friend request to see it in my vault.


    - The Commando lunge is annoying as **** and needs to be dealt with, its just way to much.

    - The bullets I agree with somewhat, usually I can take them out but if they get scared and panic knife I die even though they get sprayed in the face.

    -Throwing knives around corners and killing people when it hits the wall next to them is also irritating, but infected was released for the sole reason to distract people from the obvious flaws of the game.