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anyone remember cod3?

It was the worst the franchise has ever crapped out. It barely worked....the problems with the CoD's now are faaar from what that atrocity was. That being said...the community is terrible, younger-young adults-middle aged whatever age you are, we are to blame...the constant back and forth whining "i don't like this" "fix this" "wahwahwah". Most of the people who play the game should end up like Bambie's mom, shot then eaten.


I understand more people than ever have bought into this CoD, but I commend IW/SH for not throwing the deathstreaks and adding the support streaks. Why, you ask? Because more people than ever have bought their game. They need to appeal to everyone not just "sooprHxCquickscopez" kids or the "I play to take my mind off work but I only play for an hour or two, I'M A HARDCORE GAMER DANG IT" people.


On the other side of the coin there is stuff they messed up on but with a margin of player complaining about literally EVERYTHING in the game it's hard to accomplish fixes when they're trying to make everyone happy.Because the companies are listening to the people, but with any business that has hands in its pockets it's, again, tough o get anything done.


The older guys whining about the kids are no better than the kids whining about w/e it is they feel whining about...just food for though.


inb4 "zomg you're whining about whiners" worst. argument. ever.

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    Only thing I can remember is move your RS in half a circel to row te boat.


    Row row row your boat ...

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    Just going to respond to the title. Yes I remember it. It wasn't very good.

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    I kind of understand your point and even though I don't like deathstreaks and skimbo fmgs, I'm able to deal with this. I get more satisfaction by countering those things without using them myself instead of pleading for nerfs and buffs. Also those "unneccessary" whining is spamming real issues that people are rightfully complaining about. You know technical stuff that you can't counter with any skill.

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    I kind of liked COD3. A huge let down from COD2 but the vehicles made it interesting. I was in college when that came out. God, could you imagine people whining on forums about the BAR or the 30 cal these days?!?! Holy S#%*. I think the servers would melt! Those were the best guns for sure. Anyway, back to your point and away from memory lane, yes, people are complaining way more but this should be expected with tech's evolution. Everybody has a mic to voice there gripe. I think a lot of it has to do with the "everybody is a winner" mentality. I'm 27. I never had this pansy crap when I was growing up. It was kill or be killed. BUT that's the way it is and nothing is going change unfortunately. All you can do is ignore the idiots and enjoy what you can with friends.


    -The end.

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    I actually had a lot of fun on COD 3.

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    Was OK at the time not great....

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    FimrerFilly wrote:


    It was the worst the franchise has ever crapped out. It barely worked....

    I stopped reading after that, CoD3 is the best of the series with features such as these what's not to like?




    Mantleing tanks

    ranked/player matches


    set classes

    press X to call medic

    being a medic


    the list just goes on and on and I think the devs would go far by looking back and seeing what their missing.

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    i used to play it now and again on the run up to mw3 i agree it wasnt the best cod game but it managed one thing that no other cod game has managed since and thats 24 players without hardlys any lag i havent been able to play groundwar in mw3 or black ops much because of the terrible lag and that was only 18 players

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    No, no, no!

    Call of Duty 3 was great! It was made by Treyarch!

    Treyarch is the best.


    The worst Call of Duty ever crapped out was Call of Duty: MW3.

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    The first CoD I played was CoD4 and I didn't start playing it until just before MW2 came out. So I can't really say a lot about CoD3 but what I can say is that even though MW3's problems might be far less significant than that, the standards are also a lot higher.


    They put deathstreaks in MW2 and it broke sales records. They took them out in Black Ops and broke sales records. They returned in MW3 and still broke records. Bottom line is deathstreaks aren't going to be somebodies determining factor in a purchase. I was pretty bad at CoD 4 but at no point in time did I ever want help because I had died 4+ times in a row.


    I played CoD because it was fun. MW3 is the first game in the series where that fun has ever come into question and it's mainly because of fundamental flaws that they made in developement that they should have easily learned or already knew weren't good ideas.

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    im 11th on mw3 but now i mainly play halo reach cause mw3 got boring...cod 2,4,5,6,8 were the best in my opinion...world at war was awesome all the way until all the hackers came into play...im 10th in every cod since cod4 except black ops cause i didnt like that game that much after like 2 weeks

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    Ya COD3 was terrible.


    - It had the biggest maps to date.

    - It had the best price for map packs 800 MSP.

    - The map packs where great and huge (Ironclad is still my fav out of ALL CODs).

    - Evenly powered weapons (M1 was semi auto but the KAR98 was stronger though it was bolt action, MP40 vs Thompson was = matchup...).

    - Ranked matches for serious players

    - Unranked matches for split screeners and for fun only games

    - The community was much more mature than any COD since

    - Team work was needed to win any objective game

    - No useless zombies or infected to please the kiddies (again, it was a more mature community unlike today's games that are littered with "tweens").

    - No hacking

    - I played COD3 from release to today and I still dont hear Justin Bieber audtitions or random screaming in teh mics

    - COD3 was the last COD to offer a free DLC map "Champs"

    - No perks

    - No deathstreaks

    - No K/D

    - The community policed itself with team killing. If you TK me, I had the option to punish or forgive. If you got 3 punishes in a ranked game you got booted. Imagine that. COD leaving it up to the players to decide if a TK was accidental or not. Wild concept.

    - No lag comp

    - 24 man lobbies

    Looking back, ya that game was horrible.

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      Champs is a well designed map as well, ******* love that ****.

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      What about COD 5. They had makin day you could download for free, but then again it wasn't really like a new map or anything.


      To the other guys saying black ops sucked. I think you guys are crazy i thought it was a really good game. I thought it definitely took more skill to be good at the game. Since the guns had more kick you had to learn how to control all the different guns. The maps had a lot of variety.


      The maps on MW3 just seem so hectic. Even though the sizes vary it seems like theres just so much stuff cluttered into them. So it makes the maps have a bunch of random tight areas, and corners making it a lot harder to predict where people are going to come from. Like on black ops it got hectic on some maps too, but a majority of the time you knew where people where going to be. On here when it gets fast paced you got people coming from all over the place. A lot of the time you end up getting shot in the back. Then again some of this could be because of the crappy spawn system.


      I'm not trying to bash MW3 just thats one of my few problems with it. I still play it a lot, because i do think for the most part it is a really fun competitive game. I already have a little over 9 days of game time put into it. I think i ended up having around like 24 days put into black ops. I probably won't get much more since i only play it once in awhile now mostly, because i already played it that much so i've basically moved on to the new one.

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    Went from COD 2 to COD 4.  I only played COD 3 for a couple of hours and went back to COD 2.  Then COD4 came out and I never looked back.


    I for one love this game and this series.  I can't wait to see what the next game is like.  I can't wait for the game that becomes the COD killer because that would have to be one hellofa game.


    I hope it comes soon.