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MW3 Failed Connection [Looking for a vaild solution to help others, NOT a disscussion]

Yes, I know, we've all seen these posts once...but I can't find an answer to this troubling question, so I guess I'll find one myself...


Where do I start? This all started about the beginning of Feburary and/or late Janurary. Over the past weeks, I've found solutions that have worked but have failed. It has been atleast a month and 3 weeks, and I haven't played Multiplayer since because I can't cough up an answer from anyone.


This thread is for people that have a valid or semi-reasonable solution to this problem that has bothered PC gamers since MW3 was released. I have also posted this thread so people facing this problem can help find a reasonable answer without searching the very last page of the Internet to find a fix for it.


If you want to complain or express your feeling about this problem, do it somewhere else or check back in a week to see if anyone has found a solution, I DO NOT want this thread crowded with responses that aren't answers. I am not trying to be 'mean' or 'hateful' towards anyone, it's been a month and a half and I haven't gotten to played the game I (and many others) paid $60.00 on.





P.S. I used Comic Sans <3