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this game is getting worse and worse


i'm constantly watching people just glide right pass me then knife me, getting shot before i even turn the corner, i'm basically shooting rubber bullets cause my bullets don't do sh!t, spawns are still crap in one game i spawned 3 times in a row with a enemy right next to me causing me to get killed i can go on and on i'm tired of it i'm not playing MW3 ever...worse CoD yet and they are getting worse and worse first Black Ops and that terrible hit detection now this i can only imagine how sh!tty the next CoD is going be AND before people say it's my internet it's not i have a 4 bar almost every game

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    I feel your frustration. I actually started using a shotgun to see if I could kill some from 2 feet away.

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    Got 10th lvl 80 on xbox 360, and on ps3 now, and its a friggin nightmare..


    Dealing with all this bs game after game, with teleportation and my hits not registering.


    This game acts like it is bipolar or something.

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    When I eventually got to prestige 10 it was like a weight had been lifted, I put the game down and went on to uncharted 3. Never again was i going to have to replace controllers having smashed them in the wall following the bullshit I endured on MW3 multiplayer.

    Then bang, 10 new prestige levels coming, WTF

    I have a very good internet connection which means I am nearly always host. I have to quit out of everyother game just to get in a lobby that is playable. I have to play in lobbies that are already in play just so I dont get host lag. I have played every COD to date and became addicted to multiplayer from cod 4. This game seams the least fun and the most frustrating.

    I wanted to love this game but the inconsistancy of match quality makes it so painful. I agree to a certain point that this is an expasion pack of MW2 however I really enjoyed that game and dont want to tarnish its memory. Fingers crossed for BLOPS 2.