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Infinity Ward, please consider patching/un-nerfing the Dragunov in this game to OSOK in the chest w/out silencer + head & neck w/ silencer! Please hear me out!

***OSOK = One Shot One Kill



I'm curious to why the Dragunov was never patched since this game first came out, since It got nerfed big time in MW3 compared to COD4/BO, as it no long OSOKs to the chest w/out a silencer, and OSOKs to the head and neck w/ a silencer. This makes it heavily outclassed by the rest of the sniper rifles.. The four 98 damage sniper rifles are simply much more powerful than the Drragunov, due to  more base damage+higher multipliers, that allow them to OSOK all the way down to the stomach w/out a silencer, and to the chest w/ a silencer, thus outclassing it significantly in power. So the the 98 damage sniper rifles outclass the Dragunov in power, while the RSASS outclasses it in every other stat (recoil, reload time, draw/raise times, and even mag size). There is absolutely no niche that Dragunov has in this game whatsoever, and for me and other Dragunov veterans, its frustrating and ruins the fun of using this gun in it's current nerfed state, since it's practically unusable competitvely against good players. In addition, I believe that this gun was not intended to be so bad in this game, as I will explain now.



1.The in game data more than likely proves it with 70 damage (50 silenced), 1.5X head and neck, 1.1x chest multplier.


Note the 1.1X  chest multiplier? This is  just like the PSG1 sniper rifle that had a 1.1X stomach multiplier when BO first came out(which got patched in Dec to 1.5x, though wii version never got it to OSOK with attachments).


Ingame stats via (via denkirson proboards)

https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AmWEaU8N7NeddHNhUlJxZ3RMd1NnVUVDNEt mYUR4SWc#gid=0


This seems to imply that this gun was originally meant to OSOK to the chest, and maybe was originally supposed to do 98 damage instead of 70, which makes sense for it to OSOK to the chest w/out a silencer, and OSOK to the head and neck w/ a silencer.


2. The first multiplayer reveal HDtrailer shows the Dragunov user OSOK the other sniper in the chest.



3.In addition, I talked to a Cod Vet who attended the LA PAX event in September, and confirmed to me that it OSOK'd to the chest in the event. Yes, this was before the game officially came out of course, but along with reason #1, I believe that you guys intended it to be a low power sniper rifle(from 98 to 70 base damage), but forgot to change the multipliers--to make it equally as strong as the Dragunov from COD4/BO.


How can it get patched to be usable, and without much effort? I'm not asking for a buff, just asking for this gun to be un-nerfed. By this, I mean that I, and the hundreds/thousands of Dragunov supporters that I'm representing, would like it to be as powerful as the COD4/B Dragunovs, by allowing it to OSOK to the chest and up w/ out silencer, and head and neck w/ silencer, thus effectively "un-nerfing" the gun. I  suggest you can raise its  damage from 70 to 98 damage w/out silencer and 70 w/ silencer, or like it's black ops counterpart (2.0 X head and neck mutlipliers, and 1.5X for the chest). I personally prefer the latter.


So, please consider patching the Dragunov, IW. You'd make the minority of the sniping community(most notably youtube and gamefaqs mw3/cod community)--who enjoyed using this gun in previous games, happy!