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    context is everything, kid. check the comments after that one. He said he only got the PM mod and was trying to get the extra game modes. He was telling the truth. If you think he uses inf. UAV and other hacks to boost his scores and whatnot go ahead and think that but you're wrong. He IS a legit player, so what if he wanted to get extra game modes and a pred missle? That doesn't automatically mean that he uses other hacks... take fissure or Cpt. MacMillan for example, they have the extra game modes mods but they don't use any of that stuff in public matches (except macmillan with his pred missles -__-)

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    you should play with him first before accusing him. You're no better than those kids in the lobby who yell hacker after every time they get beat....

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    Lol yea kirby, u still using them?

  • 23. Re: No More MW3 for me ~Exceed

    yeah. kirbs still likes to make noobs rage by using it

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    skmace14 What exactly does the quote "context is everything" have to do with this?


    Also calling people kid is not cool unless you like kids or have some feeling of insecurity which means you must make yourself look big in one place to make up for lets say, inadaquecies in other places.

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    I've been here since WaW and have never tolerated hackers of any kind.  It seems the new breed has no issues with it, which is sad...


    Using a predator missle is cheating, plain and simple.  If ya'll think it's okay then you are all condoning cheating.  It's like a gateway drug.  Who's to say he DOESN'T use other hacks?  Do you know for sure?  All I know is he has a mod that gives him a killstreak that is not suppose to be in the game and other players have no access to.  That makes him illegitemate in my book and I applaud CRAIG for calling him out on his inconsistencies. 


    It really is a shame how far these forums have deteriorated.  The honor around here for fair and just gameplay and the "us vs. them" mentality we all used to share here is dead...

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    Another thing, kirby found a hidden killstreak that gives the whole team full ammo?? and your right badgas, you dont know if they are only using what they are saying... but still playing  game modes in private match like juggernaut or drop zone are okay to me

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    you're acting like a kid. That's why I called you a kid. plain and simple

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    Hit the nail on the head there, you would think an official forum it would be us against them but it seems that's not the way it is on here with some people, no other official forum I know of would accept any type of ingame modification that is not included in game.

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    Again I don't agree.  Any modding/hacking i'm against.  Back during waw and reflex we used to make up our own game modes in private lobbies.  We had zombies, dodge ball, michael myers, border wars....


    There is no imagination anymore

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