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~Refuse to lose (XBOX)~

iCONoCLASM (iCON) is looking for more premium members to dominate clan ops.


Our clan motto is "Refuse to Lose" and that is how we play every game.


We recieved gold medals for the first 2 clan ops. In the first op we placed tied for 46th out of over 11k clans.


We are currently clan rank 14 with 2000 xp pending from the two clan ops.


Outside of Clan Ops we typically play a lot of Domination in full parties. Currently holding a W/L over 27. If you like winning and want to be competative in clan ops hit us up.



Elite premium subscriber

Age 18+

Have a Mic

1.4+ K/D

Play to win

Eastern or Central time zone US or Canada


If you are interested in joining send me a message on XBL or post on our clan wall.