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AWESOME guide to the M4A1!

Hello and welcome to my guide to the M4, in which I discuss the usefulness of attachments, proficiencies, perks and strategies when using it!







Please share your tips for success with this weapon.

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    Do a vid about the CM, and the UMP, if you havnt already lol

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    I haven't really touched the M4. The M4 was pretty darn popular when the game first came out, for the fact it was unlocked first. You should do the AA-12, if you haven't already. Nice video again!

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      Thanks, man


      I'm yet to even try the AA-12, lol. With the removal of the extended mags glitch, it's going to be very difficult to use, but I'll give it a shot. I do need to bring a shotgun guide soon, though, as I haven't done one yet.

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    I would like to see some LMG vids. Havent messed with them much, where do they fit in as far as area of specialty?

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      Hmm, I've only tried the MK46 so far, and it works really well in mid-long range for me due to its controllable recoil and high damage output. As with all LMGs, its hipfire accuracy is atrocious lol, so I never spray from the hip with it, I either switch to my dual magnums (which can be raised much faster than machine pistols) or ADS while drop-shotting.

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         Nice video man. I love the m4 it's probably my first or second favorite weapon. I think its definitely an underrated gun. The accuracy, rate of fire, and lack of kick is why i love it so much. I also like the fact that its a close range AR that can compete with submachine guns CQC.

         I think its pretty good at range because of the accuracy, and lack of kick. I notice a lot of people saying its not that great at range, because it takes more bullets than most of the other ARs. I personally don't think that bothers me though, because most of the other Ars are not as accurate and have more kick. Which is also going to give them trouble at long range.

         For my m4 set up. I like to use the red dot sight, extended mags or heartbeat sensor attachment. For profiency i use kick, stabilty, or attachments. I usually only use the attachments profiency once in awhile so i can use red dot and heatbeat sensor. First tier perks i use sleight of hand until i unlock scavenger. Second tier i use hardline, but once in a great while i'll use quickdraw. For the third tier i use sit rep most of the time. I usually use sit rep, because i like to avoid the equipment. It's also nice to be able to hear people louder especially since i have turtle beaches. I think im going to start using steady aim more though, because the tighter hip fire spread is nice. Being able to aim faster after running is really nice too since i am a rusher a mojority of the time.

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      You make some very good points here. The M4 certainly can be used effectively at range. Thing is, other assault rifles like the SCAR-L, the ACR, the MK-14 and the Type-95 can kill significantly faster at long range (due to the requirement of only 3-4 bullets instead of 5) while also having low recoil. It's still good in this area, but in my opinion it is best in close-mid range. The best assault rifle in close-mid range! And yeah, Sit-rep pro is very useful for people with headsets but unfortunately, I don't have one.

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    Nice one EL M

    I've only just started using this gun and found your advice really good. I am a pretty useless player and need all the help I can get so thanks although I didn't see much difference of movement when you were spraying the walls. What would be my best set up for this? My stats are crap and I'm fairly new to all this and play for fun although I'm still competitive and get cheesed off when I get shot or get done.

    Cheers more advice on others please

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    Another great one in the can....I will try this gun...Thx Matador!

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    Great video! This guide will make reaching the veteran 3 challenge a piece of cake! Thank you.

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    I'd love to see a L86 LSW tutorial or a M60E4 Tutorial.


    If your not used to LMG's, try following this:


    For the LSW, use Rapid fire + anything else. Or grip + ACOG.
    Always try and be crouching/ prone -- especially when firing over distances

    Silencer is optional, and really only usable with this + the MK46. Can be used for a stealthy "Sniper" support role.

    Marksman and Stalker are both two great tier 3 perks to use with LMGs.


    For the M60E4:


    Play a support and agressive role.
    Opt for a Red dot or Holo sight vs. Iron sights -- it's not a must, but it's very recomended.


    Rapid fire is great for a CQC/Midrange M60E4 setup, while grip + another optic is better for midrange-long distance engagements.

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    Nice in depth guide thanks for sharing Matador , i've barerly used the M4 or any assault rifles for the matter as i always seem to find myself caught short in CQC which the majority of these maps seem to command , think i may give this a try later on

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    Great work on the video, I started to get away from my original crutch that was the ACR in the last prestige the M4 was my favorite of all the other assault rifles to use as it works well in many different situations. I think one perk you left of is recon pro, since the gun is not as effective at range using recon pro with hardline pro works well to get assists at long range to build towards kill streaks. It also enables you to mark the target and work closer to them for an easier kill. 

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    nice job on the vid Matador.