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Petition for Next COD (Updated)



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    I agree with everything but the guns. They will always be guns over used by everyone. if one gun in not better than the other then there is no point in unlocking new guns if it is the same thing with a different look. And Lag comp has been in every COD it just needs to be tuned down in this game and the next one.

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    V3LKRO wrote:


    I doint care if IW or Treyarch are doing the next game, but please keep it simple and fun, the way it used to be.


    - NO Akimbos

    - NO Deathsreaks

    - NO Guest Accounts

    - NO Unbalanced Perks

    - NO Joining a game about to lose

    - NO Overpowered Weapons


    You guys are making the games SOOO complicated with all that "Fancy" stuff, that you forget the basics of this game, and why we play it.

    The next cod will be created by treyarch... alot of people who play cod don't understand treyarch and iw are completely different onlything that are similar are perks.


    so, there is no need to list nukes because thats an iw thing and i already know they'll butcher quickscoping like they did with black ops so i know i won't be buying the next cod.


    balance will never happen, guest accounts will never be removed, joining a gamethat is over will never be put to a stop and the only thing that will be good is zombies.

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    V3LKRO wrote:


    - NO Support Killstreaks




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    I only disagree with the no Akimbo. I prefer akimbo on handguns. Agree on everything else.

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      Secondary weapons are mean to be as support, not as a primary weapon, as many did and does with the Akimbo.

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        Please. Handguns Akimbo are still not even half as good as any primary. They would still be used as a backup weapon.

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          at times, speed IS power.  so, running into , say, an LMG user; double P99's would own or pwn them (let's not even talk about FMG's).  i don't disagree with akimbo.  though i don't generally use it, it brings me back to 'golden eye' days.  imagine if you could akimbo primaries (like, have an AK 47 in one hand and an MP5 in the other...)  wildly inaccurate, but effective nontheless                                                                                 -starfarce/PS3

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    so what do you want?


    A game not worth playing?




    Quit Crying and get good.

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    I don't mind the support package as long as they don't have pointstreaks like the Stealth Bomber in MW3.


    What the support package does is that it balances out the other packages for the slayers & lone-wolfs who prefer the assault & specialist packages. Players who aren't the most confident of all killers can still support their team when it comes to the support package.


    - NO Akimbos - akimbo pistols is fine, remove the machine pistols (It'll make Overkill viable as a perk if in Treyarch's next game)


    - NO Deathsreaks - AGREED


    - NO Guest Accounts - AGREED


    - NO Lag Compensation - All COD's in the past have had lag comp. Both BLOPS & MW3 made it noticeable & screwed up the algorithim to lag comp


    - NO Unbalanced Perks - I'd like your POV on what perks you find unbalanced


    - NO Joining a game about to lose - Problems with matchmaking & matches will become 6 vs. 1 due to players not opting to stay in. Another solution is to not give you a loss & to not affect your stats for the match you joined in progress


    - NO Nukes - Don't mind the Nuke/MOAB but keep it out of objective game types. If players wish to achieve nukes/MOAB's, keep it in FFA & TDM


    - NO Overpowered Weapons - I'm no expert of weapons but that's up to the devs to make each weapon have it's uses & flaws.


    - NO Quickscopes - Remove a perk like SOH Pro/Quickdraw to give snipers a faster ADS (like Black Ops)


    COD4/WAW sniping is fine

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    I agree with no sopport streaks they sometimes reward bad players you don't deserve a Steatlth Bomber with numbers like 16-35 or something in that ball park i want Blops 2 too keep the same killstreak set-up that was in the 1st Blops

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    i agree with all of this lol.

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    Ya sure, because petitions always work! :roll: