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  • 10. Re: Assassin Pro is overpowered

    No, but the Bullsh*t in this game is overpowered.

  • 11. Re: Assassin Pro is overpowered

    UAV's are more OP than Assassin (when I mean OP, I mean the game becomes pacman when the entire match is a UAV fest.


    I shoot down as many UAV's as I can but they are hard to find & the Stinger only has 2 rockets per life.


    However, I feel the devs gave too many benefits to the PRO variant of Assassin

  • 12. Re: Assassin Pro is overpowered

    I wouldnt say overpowered but unbalanced as the rest of the game. First the best perks are all in tier one. Tier 2 is more support than anything and tier 3 is useless except for stalker wich is really overpowered. Stalker pro made claymore useless. Remember the black ops days where you got a bunch of kills by setting a claymore in a doorway?

  • 13. Re: Assassin Pro is overpowered

    your right about the claymores. I dont even look for them anymore as i use stalker all the time and even if i dont use it i still can run past them. But in Black ops u could have a Claymore and a Grenade so thats another reason people dont use them as much.

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    Assassin is OP if Steady Aim, Blast Shield, Scavenger, and everyother perk is OP. Think about, Assassin just makes you invisible to equipment bar Airsupport. Every perk targets an aspect of a game, Assassin has it's nitch as well as every other perk. Deal

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    You depend to much on your Killstreaks to get you your kills. When I run specialist and I get all the perks I want the reward of being a ghost. Hearing enemy UAV inbound 15 plus times throughout a match is not fun, especially with the spawn system.

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    I think when they made MW3 they were thinking since your killstreaks dont reset when you die if you are using support that EMPS should not effect assassin pro. Counter uavs should be at least 5 or 6 kills if its going to effect assassin pro.

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    ok seriously assassin is a strong perk a little too strong for me however... i use it almost never and i when i do its a shotgun or specialist thing only... i find my hardline to work much better... and for those of you who are afraid to be killed due to the mini map let me point out a few things....


    1st off a player using his mini map can be fooled easily by sprinting one way then changing directions and then going back because during the blip most of them dont recheck to see where u are.... countless times ive played this trick and caught guys slipping


    2nd i actually like guys to know im coming so they go prone or ads because half the time the all have bad reflexes so uav dosent help much other than to give them a quick heads up....


    3rd use uav yourself its an easy streak easy points and it levels the playing field


    4th air support sucks in this game unless you stack the hell out of them which means a lot of players have their eyes to the sky why not use uav to get some free kills on rocket launching players


    overall its a strong perk but very beatable when you just play more aware i see uav constantly but it dosent prevent me from having good games i just dont go for moabs, or choppers gunners i run a 3-7-9 with hardline making it 2-6-8 which is so easy to get at least twice in a fair game and 4-5 times in a good match that combined with an mp7 or striker makes a deadly combo


    i get uav's like crazy, attack helis and ah-s's keep stacking just imagine hearing enemy hind every 2 mins it will make u forget all about the uav trust me lol

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    At least there is SOME sort of limitation on radar-finding things.


    UAVs only last for 1 minute before automatically going away. Can be shot down well beforehand as well. It may be easy to get, but if so many people didn't feel they have to carry ALL guns for their setups and/or actually used the SMAW, Javelin, or use a Stinger in general, to actually shoot them down instead of trying to randomly kill other people with them (SMAW and Javelin) instead of relying on the SAM Turret (usually hoping someone else will use it), maybe they wouldn't remain up SO much and you can keep them in check. Hell, if you want, you could even use your guns if necessary. They're weak as hell like that.


    Not to mention that they're not totally accurate, even with multiples in the air. Where the dot is is NOT precisely where they'll be after it pops up with moving targets. So many times I see people completely miscalulate when people will show up and you won't even know how, which is more evident with maps with 2 story buildings. The only thing that shows them in real time is the Recon Drone and even then, I still people die to tagged people a lot and have myself killed a bunch of people while tagged before dying.


    Portable Radar and Heartbeat Sensors have a limited range as well (and I rarely see more than 2 Portable Radars at a time and the Heartbeat Sensor is a waste overall) and also, like the UAV, are not totally accurate as people can show up much faster/slower than you may expect and still surprise you, even if you're ready for them and that's not considering what they may use to attack you or beforehand. If a person doesn't run like an idiot, then they'll Flash, Concussion, or EMP Grenade where you are, thus chances are high that you WON'T know precisely where they are anymore and/or at least be able to effectively do anything about it.


    So seeing red dots does not equal auto-death for those people like people make out UAVs and such to be. Otherwise, if you hear there's a UAV of some kind in the air, either STOP rushing towards the enemies/fighting and be more cautious or as mentioned before, shoot them down as fast as possible. Many, many teams still win with (mostly) Hardlne and Quickdraw users, despite the other team UAV spamming and such.


    Assassin being a permanent Perk that is always on and counters more than just Radar-location stuff (Thermal, Counter-UAV, and EMP) just makes the advantages a lot more obvious. Maybe if it were some sort of "counter" Killstreak, I could understand. Hell, maybe replace the UAV in the Assault Class with Assassin as Support UAVs are the ones I see used most. Otherwise, it has no similar limitations besides just taking up the Perk slot (which, if you're using it so extensively, doesn't matter anyway).

  • 19. Re: Assassin Pro is overpowered

    aww to bad no more free kills... sorry but im glad they made this perk.. i no longer worry about the random explosives set all around the map... or the camper who sits near his claymore and hopes it protects his back because he's too lazy to cover his own butt...

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