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  • 70. Re: You Quick Scope, I report as Exploiting a glitch.

    I always thought QSrs were these genius freakin players.  I mean how do you learn how to do it, by dying thousands of times before you get it down?

  • 71. Re: You Quick Scope, I report as Exploiting a glitch.

    hate all the qs bull that goes on but i wouldnt report it its a lil bit childish. personally i couldnt care if snipers were removed from the game as i never use em. although if they were being used properly that would be very unfair on real snipers. the problem is that there arent enough big maps for that to happen. i used to enjoy getting the ghillie suit n actually sniping on pipeline, overgrown and ghillieless on crossfire (all cod 4 for the young uns). but since mw2 all you see are ghillied up run n gunners tearing through the maps. total b.s

  • 72. Re: You Quick Scope, I report as Exploiting a glitch.

    Quickscoping is the most unrealistic part of the game, and that's really saying something.


    When have you ever seen a trained army sniper in combat tearing through no mans land shooting his sniper like a pistol? Answer, never. Not unless they didn't want to get out alive of course.


    Now, I get it's a game, I get people have fun in different ways, but quickscoping should not be a part of the game. I tried it once, went 11 - 4. That's better than most of my games! As long as you have accuracy figured out it's a cheap way to turn the most powerful gun around into some sort of pistol. My accuracy is well above 20%, with a sniper in my hands it keeps on going up, but I snipe the right way. I find my spot, I line up the enemy and I pop a bullet into their head. That's sniping.


    If you ever went to join the army and told them you wanted to be a running sniper, they'd laugh at you.


    To be honest, on certain maps I can see why people who snipe resort to QS'ing. That's badly made maps for you, but on a sniping heaven like Village, Seatown and to an extent Resistance, I have no idea why snipers resort to running through the map like they're Usain Bolt.

  • 74. Re: You Quick Scope, I report as Exploiting a glitch.

    If you wanted to run around like a retard with an smg youde get yelled at in the military. You just need to face that facts that CoD IS NOT REALISTIC. Stop taking it to bits on how you can prove that Qsing is bad for the game. Its a game gun that you want nerfed because its not your preferred weapon. I could also ***** about the type95 being a 3 burst rain of hell, but i dont. If youre so good at sniping and its so easy lets 1v1. I always tell this to qs hating nerds and they always ***** and pull some excuse. I will 1v1 you. You can the super zomg cheap sniper while i use any smg. We will see how exploited and easy quickscoping is...

  • 75. Re: You Quick Scope, I report as Exploiting a glitch.

    You spray and pray with steady aim and a SMG, I report as Glitching. YOU use kick and have No recoil on your gun I, Yes I report as Glitching. You Use Last stand and Kill me, I, Yes I hunt you down and Kill you in person, Let’s see if you get another chance then. You try to *** Scope me, I, Yes I Know that you are a Virgin & Pitty Your pre-teen ass & Ask you do get Your Mom on the Mic...



  • 76. Re: You Quick Scope, I report as Exploiting a glitch.

    MrCham, thing is, this is a VIDEO GAME! NOT real life, mkay? If you want realism go play Arma 2

  • 77. Re: You Quick Scope, I report as Exploiting a glitch.

    I say drop quick sniping all together.. i have alot of friends that are gonna throw in the towl on cod because of it.. especially when i get spawn killed buy a qicuk sniper,, all the cheater out their can say what they want! but i consider it to be cheating.. and they should have a patch to fix quick sniping all together,, make them aim down the site of the scope! And to adress another thing lag! omg.. im running 25 megs of cable.. 5 megs upload,,, i have no lag issues.. they should make it so you have to have a certain speed to connect to cod...its a shame how many people lag and cant be killed.. its no fair,, and this game is loosing interest.. because of cheaters!

  • 78. Re: You Quick Scope, I report as Exploiting a glitch.

    I find it funny how so many people cry about quick scopers. I don't quick scope but how can it be a cheat? I've tried it, not hard but not easy either. I would rather face a quick scoper in a fight than someone using the akimbo fmg's or the striker which take way less skill to use than quick scoping

  • 79. Re: Balance the ADS on Snipers

    Nope, your an idiot. IW addressed this before the game came out and they didnt want to isolate the community. It is harder to rush and skillscope than it does to camp with a sniper or use an AR/SMG.


    Its probably just you are a below average player that has no concept of this game. But dont worry, there is a chance you still may learn this.

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