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You MIGHT hate me for saying this but......................


Bring Stopping Power and Juggernaut back.


As long as these 2 won't return back in CoD, stealth will remain dominant. Go back and play MW2, CoD4, and WaW. Unless it's 1v6 or 3v6, games reach the score limit under 3 or 2 min. Now go play Black Ops and MW3, even on 6v6, games hit the time limit more than CoD4, MW2, and WaW. It's not hitting them consistantly, but it is quite annoying for this to happen. Before Black Ops, time limits in games were hit RARELY, but now every since they got rid of Stopping Power and Juggs, killstreaks have gotten weaker, games have gotten boring, and Ghost/Assassin and Blind Eye have gotten stronger.


I'm not saying get rid of Ghost/Assassin/Blind Eye, but if you have this grudge against SP and Juggs, put Assassin and Blind Eye in the same tier but keep them separate like MW3 did. I still vote for SP and Juggs to be brought back. Again, not saying stealth is a bad thing, but it's too much of it! I miss being able to run around killing people without getting shot in the back by some guy hiding with stealth perks in a corner. So please people, take this into consideration and make a respectable response.


Thank You.

-CoD Veteran and Lover, Outlaw-95

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    Well I rarely have games reach the time limit before the score limit. The only time it really happens is if it's a 1v6 or 2v6. 

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    I say bring back all the perks. Who cares. You use what works for you Ill use what works for me. You get your benefit and Ill have my benefit. Nothings unfair, nothings unbalanced. You use what you want and Ill use what I want, just dont complain about my choice if I kill you.


    eg: "Stopping Power noob" - guy camping with Assassin.

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    A lot of people blame perks, but I think too many killstreaks are the problem here. Even though killstreaks count towards more killstreaks, there are a lot of people that just flat out can't get a 15 killstreak. When it was just 3-5-7, it just wasn't as important. People weren't hiding when they were at 6 kills. I don't know that I've ever seen a COD4 game end because the time ran out, even HC TDM.

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    I agree. There needs to be a down fall to being a douche with the all mighty do it all perk, assassin/ghost plus blind eye. Although i do some what agree with blind eye it just needs to be adjusted.

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      Explain to me how this is a do it all perk. I use Blind-eye and Assassin all the time. I played S&D a few nights ago and adjusted my classes accordingly. I took off both Blind-eye and Assassin


      Today I got on and played. completely forgot to switch them back and did just as good without theml. Point is, they have equal advantages to all other perks. The problem you have is the person you're going against knows how to use their perks better than you know how to use yours

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    The fix for MW3 would have been simble and it's really unfortunate that they didn't predict things would end up the way they did. They shouldn't have regular UAV's in assault and should only have them in support killstreaks. The reason everybody is running around with assassin is because you are forced to use it due to the CONSTANT UAV spam. They should also have removed stealth bomber and advanced UAV from support and added a blackbird (one that shows assassin players) to the assault package at a 10 or 11 killstreak slot.

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    I absolutely agree, all you see now is Assassin and Blind Eye being used in Pubs. Stopping Power and Juggernaut used to completely DOMINATE those stealth players. If they were to bring them back, I think they should balance out Juggernaut by only giving you extra health against bullets, instead of the way they had it...extra health against bullets, explosives did 25% less damage, and it gave you extra falling damage health too.

    I'm tired of people camping in corners and not appearing on radar. They have a huge advantage over anyone not using Assassin or Blind Eye.

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    I don't know why everyone's ******** like assassin is overused. I use the portable radar on all my classes and I'm rarely caught off guard by assassin. Hell, most people use quickdraw and hardline over assassin.


    The problem isn't assassin, it's your lack of situational awareness and over dependence on that upper left hand corner of your screen.


    I wish IW would release a stats sheet like Treyarch did to show what perks were most used. Remember when everyone whined about ghost? Treyarchs stats showed that ghost wasn't as heavily used as people said it was. Lightweight was the most used perk.


    Stopping Power was the worst thing to ever hit CoD. No perk should single handily decide the outcome of gun fights or increase health.


    By the way, the only games I've seen go to timer are sabo and CTF games because both teams are mercilessly trying to score. I haven't seen a single TDM game go to timer.

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    Stopping Power and Juggernaut won't come back. 


    1. Killed Variety in perk selections

    2. People hated Juggernaut


    3. Stopping Power was a crutch--use it and you were amazing.  Don't use it, and you were at a major handicap.


    4. The only reason why people want it back, is so people don't use Stealth perks.


    And even if stealth perks were removed, would that stop people from camping?  No. And with no stealth perks, the UAV would be overpowered.




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    I have to disagree with you, I do not think brining back either perk will make much of a difference in how people play the game anymore. Plus most of the guns bascily have stopping power built in to them as is. They kill pretty quick with out needing a perk to make them kill quicker.


    The problem is the UAV and other air support ksr that dominate the game so much. As long as these are the dominate types of ksr, perks like assasin will always be used in greater numbers; because people do not want to have to worry about dieing to those ksr.


    Back when the game had lower ksr there was less of a reason to worry about it as much. But now with so many different kinds of air ksr there has developed a need to be able to protect onself from them and not to have to use a launcher which leaves you open to be shot by the ksr or another player.


    Even in MW2 I ran cold blooded to hide from air ksr. I didnt need SP to be able to get kills with any of the weapons.

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    I haven't had a problem with TDM or FFa time limits running out and I have 150 & 30 hours respectively played in both modes.


    While I agree that the stealth side of the game is not ideal, going backwards is not the answer. I also have to say that the stealth hassle isn't nearly as problematic in Mw3 as it was in B.O. since it doesn't come with a ghile suit and they've seperated its functions into two perks.


    I think stealth is just something that is very important in death match modes and if it irritates you maybe try your hand at modes like Domination where something like quick draw trumps the need for stealth.

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    Cold-Blooded Pro was still much more powerful than Stopping power ever was.