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  • 10. Re: Shotgun balance thread

    I agree with your post and your system of how to make the shotguns more worthwhile to use.


    GT: Stormshdw7

  • 11. Re: Shotgun balance thread

    buff the shotguns;


    I'd like to see those damage buffs alongside..


    Free focus for SPAS, KSG, 1887. [Or all]

    Free sprint distance increase for SPAS, KSG, 1887 [1.5X] and USAS [2X]


  • 12. Re: Shotgun balance thread

    Free focus and free sprint are secondary things that don't really solve problems.  Those are things that would be added to individual guns as quirks that make them unique.  They dont significantly effect weapon balance in mw3.  So I think its best to leave them out of any buffs we propose to the devs just to keep our demands concise.  The more support and the more concise/less we ask for the more likely we are to see change.

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    Also is I--LIke--turtles  your gamer tag?  If it isn't please provide it.

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    Agree with it all, except the Model 1887 part. It doesn't need more damage, it needs a better pellet spread. It has one of the worst pellet spreads of any shotgun in the game (worst pellet spread comes from the AA-12). That's why it's so inconsistant (even with the damage proficiency). Because it's pump-action, shoots slower than the spas-12, has no attachments, less ammo per mag than the spas-12 and a mediocre pellet spread compared to the spas-12. It has a range over the spas-12, but I think it also deserves a decent pellet spread to compensate for all of its flaws. I'm more consistant with OHKs on the spas-12 than the Model 1887. I've put up a shotgun buff petition with no replies, lol. My Gamertag is TheyCallMeFifty.


    EDIT: Okay extra damage for the model gee golly gosh batman.

  • 15. Re: Shotgun balance thread

    Good thread, but there is no indication that the USAS is in desperate need of a buff, especially when it has the sprint bonus. Better to just put it in the category of not needing a buff.


    Only gun that would need the sprint bonus (besides the USAS which already has it) is the AA12 and that's only if for some reason the developers can't increase the reserve ammo count.


    Other than that I agree, especially with the damage for the aa12, spas12. 1887, and ksg12.

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    The 1887 still experiences the close range inconsistencies of all pumps so making that the only one that doesn't get a buff would be silly.  The larger spread is offset by its high damage overall.  With steady aim the 1887 has far better range capabilities than the spas 12.  If they tightened the spread down the 1887 would be a non stop one shot machine.  Giving it slightly increased spread makes it so the 1887 is balanced.  All attachments and ammo capacities on pump shotguns are for the most part irrelivant.  Ammo problems with the 1887 can be easily avoided by thoughtfull play style.  The 7 rounds are more than enough for almost any situation. And a tighter pellet spread is more effected by lag comp than a larger one.  A large pellet spread + high damage up close = reliable in any amount of lag.

  • 17. Re: Shotgun balance thread

    No the usas is not in desperate need of a buff but in terms of balance making that gun take 4-5 shots at range is relatively poor performance.  The usas is relatively useless in the extra range it has over the striker.  By making that extra range a little more effective we can balance the guns performance out.  It is not absoultely needed for the function of the weapon but it is out of balance.  And just giving it 3 more damage per pellet at range makes it so the gun requires 1-2 less shots at range and does not significantly increase its one shot kill range.  Only about 1.5 ft is added to its one shot kill range with this buff.  It just makes the gun more reliable with very little impact on the resto of the game. 


    The aa12 could definitely use the extra sprint but it really isn't its most needed buff.  If the aa12 got 3 clips of starting ammo instead of one and did 20-10 damage stock I bet 90% of the complaints about the guns performance would go away.


    Also please post your gamertag along with your posts.

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    And as i've said time and time before, the Model needs to have a faster lever cock time like in Spec Ops, so you can actually have a chance at winning a 1 on 2 fight, or if you miss the first shot, you aren't condemned to death.

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    It has the same lever time as the spas it just seems odd due to the animation.  Increasing the rate of fire on a pump shotgun is a lot to ask and I don't feel like we could get the community to accept such a change.  Plus its not so bad...

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