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can someone with mods please help me i ran into a guy named zombiekiller010 on call of duty world at war and he used a mod on me that put my xp at negate 2 billion xp i need someone with mods to put me back at level 64 cause i was close to being able to presteige but now i can't even play online cause of him my name online on xbox 360 is firsthandsleet6 if you can help me please send me a message saying your going to help me and send me a game invite k then use a mod on me and put me back at level 64       world at war is worthless when i can't play it online with all of my friends really all i can do is campaign the only way i can go online is to go online with a friend as the party leader         please help me someone    i want to play zombies online but i can't now cause of zombiekiller010 if you see him in an online game leave immediatley k he will make your account so you can't play online like he did mine